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The proposals contained in the Parish Council’s Draft Neighbourhood Plan (September 2017) continue to generate a good measure of public comment.  This is a welcome part of the neighbourhood planning process.  The Parish Council does however wish to clarify its position on one or two issues.

The Parish Council has considered the future of William Pitt Field and on one or two occasions the Chairman has indicated that he believes it is appropriate for the Parish Council to look at the options. As of today’s, date, however, no decisions have been made.

The Neighbourhood Plan Group is charged by the Parish Council with looking in detail at future options for the Parish. The Group has accordingly looked at the option of moving the football ground to another area within the Parish as shown on the plans displayed at the Public Open Day in September 2017.  This option shows improved facilities and is a full recreation field which offers the possibility of incorporating other sports.

The sale of William Pitt Field would finance the modern recreational facilities on open space land which will be allocated at an appropriate location within the Parish through the Neighbourhood Planning Regulations. If there is a surplus from the sale it will go towards other important projects in the Parish, which can be identified through the Neighbourhood Plan.  Before it can be made as part of the development plan, the Neighbourhood Plan will be subject to a public vote when the referendum is held.  Only if there is a majority vote in support at the referendum will the plan be taken forward to the next stage.

The Parish Council and the Neighbourhood Plan Group are working hard to develop options which benefit the whole Parish and takes the village into the future with sports facilities that are contemporary, fit for purpose and an improvement on present amenities.

The Parish Council will be taking advice from a local land agent as how best to deal with the future of William Pitt Field.

The next stage in the Neighbourhood Plan process will be for the Parish Council to publish a revised Regulation 14 draft Plan. All members of the public will be given a very wide opportunity to comment on the content of this next draft of the Neighbourhood Plan.  Those comments will then be considered in the preparation of a revised Regulation 16 draft Plan which will be published for a further round of public consultation towards the end of this year.

Minute 17/139 Lenham Parish Council meeting March 7th2018

William Pitt Field, LPC Statement
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