Volunteers for Lenham LPC General

The Parish Council has been approached by several residents who are keen to undertake a general tidy up and spring clean of the village.

Because of the financial cut backs, the parish receives fewer regular services from both Kent County Council (KCC) and Maidstone Borough Council (MBC).

For instance, road side signs used to be cleaned regularly by the KCC. This service is no longer provided, so it would be useful if a team of volunteers could undertake cleaning the street name signs and low height road signs.  Cutting back vegetation which obscures the signs would also be useful. Removal of unofficial signs which are often posted on lamp posts and railings could be undertaken at the same time.

Litter is the perennial problem, whilst MBC do a limited litter pick in and around the village centre, the outlying areas and hamlets are often neglected.  The Parish Council fund regular litter picks around the Square, Maidstone Road car park and the William Pitt field and the four roads into the Square.  Other areas could perhaps be litter picked by the volunteer group.

This is simply a suggestion of useful tasks; you may have ideas as to how we can improve the parish amenities and areas which you feel would benefit from some attention.

Working together we can identify the best way to improve the general environment of the area.

We are always pleased to hear from the parishioners, and welcome your input.

If you are interested in joining the volunteer group and could spare an hour or so at your convenience to join with like-minded people to help improve your surroundings, please contact the Clerk. We look forward to hearing from you.

Margo McFarlane Parish Clerk

01622 859682 (9am – 1pm Monday to Friday)


Volunteers for Lenham
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