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Following on from Councillor Barr’s resignation as a longstanding member of this Council,

Councillors Gillett and Porter have also recently resigned for personal reasons.


In order to quell rumour and increase clarity as to continuance of Lenham Parish Council, and on behalf of my fellow Councillors, I would like to state that any Parish Council is formed of members who voluntarily give graciously of their time and their skills to try and ensure that the interests of their Parish are protected and that Parish services are continued in as efficient manner as possible. This is true for Lenham Parish Council.

The Council cannot function without a Chairperson and the main committees of Planning and Finance & General Purpose also need to be chaired. However, it needs to be noted that such position does not entail being the focus point for criticism and or praise.

Decisions made in Full Council or in Committee are derived from the democratic process, as they always have been, and, although there might be difference of opinion on some matters, the majority is supported by all. The relevant Chair is part of that process and may, on occasion, take a lead role in communications via the Parish Clerk but always in line with decisions already made.

It is hoped that the Council will soon attract new Councillors to ease the burden on the current team and allow us to continue to serve Lenham to the best of our ability.


This statement was read aloud at the meeting on the 4th November by Councillor

R Greenwood, Chairman of Lenham Parish Council

Statement on Behalf of LPC
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  1. lesley

    I’m putting this post on here, because it seems to be the only way to get “notified” if anything else goes up. I got notified of the Sams’s post and wondered what on earth was going on in Lenham. I’m still wondering.
    It would be really nice to have the Council post an explanation? Apparently there’s a meeting on Saturday, 21 Nov 15, at the Village Hall on the NHP between 10 and 12 noon.

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