Solar Energy Agreement 2015 LPC Announcements

On completion of the Solar Energy Installation the management committee of Lenham Community Centre will take on the responsibility for the management of the Installation.

The Sum of £2000.00 will be paid to Lenham Parish Council towards the total cost of the Installation of £10,780.00 by Lenham Community Centre.


The £2,000.00 will be recovered from the 1st years Feed in Tariff payment.


Lenham Community Centre will be responsible for the maintenance and cleaning of panels

all contact with the energy supplier that is responsible for the (FIT) Feed in Tariff.

All Meter Readings, Correspondence, Insurance and Security of the Installation.


Lenham Community Centre will be responsible for the above and will be paid for from the reduction of the Community Centres electricity bills, up to £600 per annum.

Any sums above £600.00 will be paid for from the total Income received from the FIT


The annual income from the Feed in Tariff will be divided between the three Parish Halls on the following basis and paid by Lenham Community Centre.


Lenham Community Centre.                                       33.3%   in 2015/16      min      £900.00

St Edmunds Centre.                                                   33.3%   in 2015/16      min      £900.00

Charing & Lenham Heath Memorial Hall.                    33.3%   in 2015/16      min      £900.00


These sums subject to FIT rate should increase by the rate of inflation annually until 2035.


A review of this arrangement will take place in 2 years from the date of connection,

then every 2 years between the representatives of the three Parish Halls.



M.P Osborne…………… Lenham Community Centre.


D Robinson…………….  St Edmunds Centre. P.H.


R W Cale……………….  Lenham & Charing M.H.


C M Gillett………………. Lenham Parish Council.


Dated 21/10/2015


The above document was signed at a meeting in the Lenham Community Centre

on Wednesday 21st October 2015.

Solar Energy Agreement 2015
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