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Street Naming and Numbering is a statutory service which Maidstone Borough Council undertakes to issue and officially register postal addresses in the borough. The Borough Council has adopted the provisions of Sections 17 and 18 of the Public Health Act 1925 which relates to the issue of street naming and alteration of street names and the County of Kent Act 1981 which relates to the numbering of properties to fulfil this service.

Lenham Parish Council (the Council) is a consultee in this process of allocating new road names,  providing suggestions reflecting local history,  notable previous residents and geographic context which, under the current arrangements, are usually accepted.

Under the Maidstone Borough Local Plan, 2012 – 2031, Lenham is designated a Rural Service Centre which means that the number of new properties envisaged between 2021 and 2031 is likely to be in the region of 1,400, the Council therefore deems it appropriate to have a policy in place which can react to the larger quantity of names that will be required.


Road naming strategy

The Council has decided that the process of providing suggestions to the Borough Council regarding the naming new roads will follow the guidelines as laid out below:

  • As a general rule names for new roads will link to the location within which the development sits, so that links to the history of the village can be reflected and new residents will gain an understanding of the community they have chosen to live within.


  • Names for new roads will include those names of the fallen as recorded on the war memorial, this may be especially appropriate for those new roads in the shadow / sight of the war memorial / Lenham Cross.


  • Names for new roads will reflect notable past residents of Lenham, there will be a requirement that people so recognised will have been dead for at least five years.


  • The Council is especially keen that the names of ancient memorials, well known farmsteads, fields or woodlands will be reflected in the names given to new roads built on or adjacent to such land.


  • Names will be assigned to new roads if the development is sited in a place previously noted for a particular crop or topography or wildlife.


The Council has previously followed this format in its suggestions for new road names to Maidstone Borough Council, this policy formalises that process in order that the history of the village is enhanced by increased reference to its long and rich history.  The Council will encourage those developing the new communities to communicate these links to their customers in a positive and proactive way so that an understanding of the richness of Lenham’s history is retained, increased and celebrated.

Adopted 2nd October 2019

Road Naming Policy
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