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Meetings have taken place to discuss, what are at this stage, very early ideas relating to potential solutions to Operation Stack and the possibility for additional customs facilities should these be needed when the UK leaves the European Union. These meetings have involved Highways England, the local MP, County, Borough and Parish Councillors as well as others able to provide an insight into the discussions.


The meetings have clarified a number of issues:


  • The approach to resolving the problem of Operation Stack has to be done in conjunction with nationwide requirements and resolving the fly parking problems around Kent in consultation with KCC and Local Authorities
  • The Highways England Consultation that ended on 22ndJuly 2018 is no more than an informal information exercise to elicit suggestions that might be useful in the planning process
  • Highways England is trying to publicise relevant facts to avoid rumours
  • Highways England is exploring potential ideas along both the A20/M20 and A2/M2 corridors
  • There are approximately 140 plots of land under consideration from the M25/M26 junction through to Folkestone and Dover although when collected together these form just a few potential sites
  • In the Lenham / Boughton Malherbe parish areas there are six plots of land being ecologically/environmentally surveyed. Five plots are privately owned by three residents and one is owned by Trinity College Cambridge
  • The surveys should be complete by November 2018 and a list will be published of the plots that have potential for lorry parks, either singly or in combination
  • Statutory Consultations will then take place in two stages, starting in November 2018 and mid 2019. The first will produce a potential list which will be consulted on. The second will form part of an in-depth examination of what those sites might be used for
  • Lorry holding areas outside Kent are also under consideration
  • Sites are identified from previous investigations plus new information
  • It was stressed to Highways England that there must be no access from lorry parks direct onto local roads
  • Residents who wish to write to Highways England with questions, information, requests etc should contact:  Freepost Kent Lorry Area, or by Email to  kentlorryarea@highwaysengland.co.uk   or telephone 030 123 5000
  • Further information will be published when it is available


Prepared jointly by Lenham Parish Council and Boughton Malherbe Parish Council.



Potential Lorry Park in the Parishes of Lenham and Boughton Malherbe
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