Planning Meeting 1st October 2018 LPC General, LPC Meeting Minutes & Reports


PRESENT                 Cllr. A Walmsley, Chairman presiding.

R Greenwood, C Huggens & A Ratcliffe. 


1.              APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE    M McFarlane (Clerk & RFO)



18/504641/TPO                      Tree preservation order application one Oak – to remove those branches which   are causing, or likely to cause, damage to Kent-peg tiled roof and electric wires.
            Hollybank Lenham Heath Road Sandway ME17 2NB 

No Comments made

Erection of an outbuilding to provide secure storage and open barn.
1 Burgess Fields Lenham Heath Maidstone Kent ME17 2DZ

COMMENTS DUE BY: 12thOctober
After discussion it was resolved to objectto this application on the grounds that it would be an increase of development in an unsustainable area. The proposed barn and secure storage area were not in proportion to the claimed use being far too large. Note that the CIL form had not been completed in respect of non-residential floor area – this alone should be reason for rejection.

Erection of detached garage with studio over as ancillary accommodation (resubmission of 18/501289/FULL).
Cherry Garden Farmhouse Lenham Forstal Road Lenham Heath Maidstone Kent

COMMENTS DUE BY: 15 October 2018

It was noted that the LPC had not objected to the much larger original proposal and it was decided that this much smaller proposal should not be subject to comment either. Note that the CIL form had not been completed in respect of residential floor area which we thought would generate an automatic refusal from MBC.

Approval of reserved matters following outline application 14/500219/OUT (allowed on appeal) for demolition of existing commercial buildings and the development (and re-development) of the site for 72 units within multiple building types and housing mix, including a total 29 units (40% in line with policy SP20 of the adopted Local Plan 2017) affordable housing and apartment contribution.
Russell & Russell Roofing ltd. The Farmhouse Business Centre Headcorn Road  Lenham

It was agreed to defer this item until the next meeting to allow the NP consultant to consider this in the light of the NP infrastructure group meetings.

The following points were noted for further consideration:

  1. The design of housing types A, B, C & D seemed to be quite poor and out of character – this to be checked against both the Local Plan and the Neighbourhood plan
  2. The original application documents for 14/500219/OUT in respect of Foul and Surface water should be checked against the Infrastructure Group proposals for same. Does this area require revision?
  3. Apart from the 106-agreement relating to the Footpath on the Western Side of the Railway Bridge we have no information regarding other monies.
  4. The main spine Road needs to be checked for width to ensure that it would be capable of operating as part of the By-pass. We need to ensure that KCC will adopt it via 106 or otherwise, and it is not intended to incorporate traffic calming as suggested by the drawing.
  5. We understand that “open space” has been promised but we did not know whether or not this was as generated by the Local Plan or otherwise. If Local plan, we need to ensure that it ties into the requirements of the NP.
  6. All the planning appeal conditions need to be studied in the light of this latest application.


It was noted that the Paddock had submitted a minor material amendment 18/503411 to reposition an access Road and lay a new Footpath. This could be added to the requested meeting with Annabel but was not considered a major issue. There will be time to consider at the next planning meeting as comment is not due until 22ndOctober.

The submission of LPC comments regarding KCC/MA/0457/2018 was noted. It was thought that they should be copied to both S Prendergast and H Whately to enlist their help if possible. As previously discussed there is a lot of space at the Lenham School to enable on-site parking.


Both Cllrs. Ratcliffe and Huggens stated that they would not be available for the whole of 6thOctober consultation day but would attend part.
Cllr Huggens had noted that the consultation document P 53 (map) had labelled the Royton Road green space area as a primary school and presumed that on P 21 it had been left off the list of Green Space areas in error.

Not all Councillors had yet been given hard copies of the Neighbourhood Plan – copies to be made available at the forthcoming Council meeting.



The meeting closed at  10 pm    

Planning Meeting 1st October 2018
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