Planning Committee Report 16th March 2016 LPC Meeting Minutes & Reports

Report of the Lenham Parish Council Planning Committee

held in the community centre on the on 16th March 2016

Present                      Cllr R Greenwood, Chairman

Cllrs M Cockett, J Nye, P Scrivens, N Osborne, H Shotter,
A Walmsley, M Ballard.

  1. To Accept apologies for absence
    Margo McFarlane – Clerk
  2. Disclosures and confidential items on the agenda
    Apart from the known and agreed interest in respect of the Village Hall none were declared
  3. Planning applications received
    The only application noted was the temporary storage facility at Lenham Storage.
    It was agreed that there was no action to be taken.
  4. Response to the MBC LP Regulation 19
    The representation document circulated before the meeting was generally well received.
    A few minor errors had been noted:
    – The reference to Tanyard farm North as MX-11 should be changed throughout the document to H (42)
    – In clause 5.1 the word “(brownfield)” should be deleted
    – Cllr Shotter pointed out that clauses challenging the legality of the LP (as detailed in previous documents) had been missed out. She was asked to attempt to contact the Consultant prior to 11 am on Thursday 17th to ask if this was deliberate.
    If it was indeed an error then the missing clause could be added on the Maidstone plan comments sheet under Q 1 without changing the draft response as tabled.
    – There was some discussion about the mechanism for submitting the LPC comments. The consultant had advised that if simply sent to MBC they had no obligation to submit them in full to the Inspector. He had advised that they should be submitted using the MBC comments template. It was agreed that a blank template would be run off and filled in by hand replying to each question as a “no” – “please see the Lenham Parish Council representation” attached at the end of the questionnaire.
    Cllr Cockett to amend the response as above and with Cllr Shotter to take the response to MBC and hand it in prior to the deadline on 18th
  5. Neighbourhood Plan
    It was noted that the Neighbourhood Plan had been generally well accepted. The Chair stated that he had attended a meeting with MBC concerning the workshop in Lenham Community Centre on the 17th April.  The Chairman expressed concern that it was an unnecessary meeting and could cause misunderstanding in the village. He noted however that they had called for a further meeting and advised some caution (and some pre-agreement) about what line our representatives should take at the meeting. He suggested a constructive approach rather than an aggressive one.
  6. Correspondence received
Planning Committee Report 16th March 2016
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