Planning Committee Meeting 21st September 2016 LPC Meeting Minutes & Reports

Report of the Lenham Parish Council Planning Committee

held in the community centre on the on 21st September 2016


Present                      Cllr R Greenwood, Chairman

Cllrs J Nye, N Osborne, A Walmsley, M Ballard


  1. To Accept apologies for absence
    Margo McFarlane – Clerk – Holiday
    Cllr M Cockett – Hospital
  2. Disclosures and confidential items on the agenda

    None were declared

  3. Planning applications received

    a) The Ham Lane ground plan for the appealed and granted application was noted.
    Cllr Nye asked that consideration should be given to commenting on the plan.
    Cllr Osborne cited the following points but asked if there could be others:

    1) The central part of the development had extremely small garden areas and there was an absence of Green areas otherwise

    2) Drainage out of the aquifer was common during periods of heavy rain (thus the flooding of the A 20 at the low point). This low point coincided with the Western edge of the development and it was unlikely that sufficient provision had been made to accommodate this run off. The proposed SUDS pond would only likely take surface water run-off from the main road.

    3) Future development down Ham Lane (both as proposed in the Village Plan and now likely anyway after the recent appeal) will vastly increase the traffic flow up Ham Lane on to the A20. The layout of the development does not take account of the future need to modify the junction (perhaps with a Traffic Island) with the housing on that corner too close to the existing junction.

    b) A modification to an existing application at Lenham Forstal had been submitted to increase the number of proposed houses.
    It was agreed that there was no action to be taken.

    c) The Chairman was to meet with A Barr concerning access by the developer of the Reform Church housing development, to the cricket pitch to enable him to provide suitable anchorage for the 8m high nets on the cricket field boundary. The anchors need to be substantial to support fencing of this height and it is unlikely that this could be done from one side only.

    It was confirmed that a complaint about the plan changing the siting of a car parking area was wrong and that the proposed car park was correctly sited.

  4. Environmental impact for proposed development on field East of the Community Centre
    It was reported that from the published “planning decision notes” that an opinion had been given by MBC planning that an Environmental Impact Assessment would not be needed as part of the future application for this site (155 houses). This is area H(42) on the Local Plan.
    LPC should object to this when the application itself is submitted on the grounds that 2 aquifers empty through this area into the ponds that represent the head waters of the River Stour and of course the fact that the area is an important part of the AONB North Downs area just under the chalk War Memorial cross cut into the hillside.
  5. Neighbourhood Plan
    The Neighbourhood Plan meeting for 27th September was noted. This meeting is preparing the co-ordinated statements for the individuals who had asked to speak against the Local Plan when submitting comments at its stage 8. It was thought that a co-ordinated approach would be essential if there was to any chance of the Local plan being stalled or even amended.
  6. Correspondence received
Planning Committee Meeting 21st September 2016
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