Planning Committee Meeting 19th September 2018 LPC General, LPC Meeting Minutes & Reports



PRESENT        Cllr. A Walmsley, Chairman presiding.

Cllrs. M Cockett, R Greenwood, C Huggens & A Ratcliffe.

Cllr. N Osborne and P McCreery (planning Consultant) were also present.

Jeanne Taylor – Rogate Planning, Mike Wickes – Rogate Architect
Paul Lavender – Tridex Drainage Consultant ,John Baillie – Resident and Developer

JT outlined the changes made to the Tanyard North Development 17/500357/HYBRID in the weeks since the last MBC planning meeting.

  • The Play Park had been moved to the centre of the development away from the A20.
    She explained that to make it larger would detract from the required view of the Cross but did say that she would approach LPC for their opinion about toddler apparatus before following MBC official procedure.
  • Solar panels were to be fitted to Southern facing roofs (they would not therefore be a visible distraction when viewed from the Pilgrims Way). The panels would be similar in design to those already fitted to the Groom Way housing but of more recent upgraded capability. Separately MW was quizzed on the tile finishing being specified. It was requested that he consider more muted colours to soften the view from the Pilgrims way and the Cross.
  • Vehicular access east of the footpath on the Old Ashford Road had been eliminated apart from an emergency vehicle access which would have removable bollards. A hedge-line some 2m high would be planted / extended between the Housing parallel to the Old Ashford Road and the Road itself. A new footpath would be created on the development on the North side of the Old Ashford Road. This prompted discussion about the other footpath from the Development to the Surgery. It was noted that mopeds and scooters had been spotted on other Village paths and that it would be a good idea to restrict the width of access to minimize the chances of this happening.
    JT agreed to look at this (but not with metal half barriers) to see what could be done.
  • J Showler of Rogate had met with the Neighbour R Newman and as a result had amended the drainage details.
    These were presented by PL and now included, soakaway overflows running to the attenuation system, surface water protection for Mr Newman via a new French Drain (this also connected to the attenuation system) and New Road drainage on the North Side of the Old Ashford Road.

After general discussion including input from JB it was agreed that AW would write to MBC planning withdrawing the LPC objection. Rogate were thanked for all their efforts over the last 2 weeks to accommodate the LPC issues.


  1. APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE Cllr. M Ballard. M McFarlane.


    No disclosures were noted



17/500357/HYBRID                12thSeptember

Full application- Erection of 48 dwellings and associated infrastructure, landscaping and open space.

Outline application- Erection of 102 dwellings (access, layout and landscaping to be sought)

Revised details received

Land North of Old Ashford Road Lenham

See discussion above. The change required by LPC to the Heads of Terms regarding the open space cash contribution was also noted. This change had been issued in the MBC Committee report of 19/9/18 despite AW being told earlier in the week that it would/could not be changed.
AW, RG, P McC to continue further dialogue with J Showler / J Baillie.


18/504181/FULL                     5thSeptember

Erection of a part two storey side and part single storey rear extension and sub division of dwelling onto 2 separate dwellings with associated gardens and parking

Updown Cottage West Street Lenham ME17 2EP


After discussion it was agreed that this development should be opposed on the following grounds:

  1. The previous planning application quoted relating to the Southern wing extension of the building had expired. If planning is to proceed it should be on the basis of a new application incorporating both the North and South wing extensions.
  2. The split of the property would generate a further property on the restricted AONB which is against AONB policy.
  3. The proposal would create another driveway and vehicular access on to the Narrow West Street Lane.

18/504589/FULL                     11thSeptember

Temporary planning consent (for a period of 3 years) for the siting of a static mobile home unit on the site for security purposes (part retrospective)

Sunny Hill View Stables Sandway Road Sandway ME17 2LU

This application was considered in the light of the application made previously to which the LPC had objected. It was agreed that we should continue to oppose the siting of a Mobile Home on the basis of the wording of the MBC exclusion order which we would support.


18/504685/FULL                     12th September

Demolition of conservatory and erection of a single storey rear extension together with hip to gable roof on main dwelling to provide additional loft accommodation and the addition of 3no. roof lights (Revision to 18/503363/FULL)

Raglands Dickley Lane Lenham  ME17 2DD

It was noted that LPC had approved the previous application 18/503363 and that MBC had rejected it as being too large and out of Character.
This new application was for a smaller change to the property with a smaller second floor.
It was agreed not to comment on this application

KCC/MA/0457/2018               Section 73 Application to vary Condition 2 (approved plans) and 3 (external materials) and the removal of condition 7 (access and parking) of planning permission MA/16/507143

The Lenham School Ham lane Lenham ME17 2LL
It was noted that the removal of condition 7 would mean that there would be additional parking problems on Ham Lane which is part of a bus route often clogged by vehicles especially at the ends of school hours. In addition the sporting facilities such as the 3G football pitch were rented out and if there was no on-site parking, this in itself would create problems.
The School itself has ample grounds to allow for on-site parking provision.
It was resolved therefore to object to the removal of condition 7 (this in support of comment already made by a local resident).




There was little additional information to be added to the ongoing efforts to organize the open day on 6thOctober. NO reported that he had sent the final version of the plan to the printers earlier in the day.
AR stated that he would arrange for a “hot map” based on ordinance and survey data to enable participants on the day to ink in where they lived. The map would need a table area of some 2×1 m set up in the barn.



The meeting closed at 10 pm

Planning Committee Meeting 19th September 2018
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