Planning Committee Meeting 17th October 2018 LPC General, LPC Meeting Minutes & Reports


PRESENT    Cllr. A Walmsley, Chairman presiding.

Cllrs. M Ballard, M Cockett, C Huggens & A Ratcliffe.

Cllr. N Osborne, P McCreery (NHP Consultant) & S MacKenzie (NHP Chairman) were also present.

M McFarlane (Clerk & RFO)


  1. APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE Cllrs. R Greenwood.


  1. DISCLOSURES AND CONFIDENTIAL ITEMS ON THE AGENDA No disclosures of confidential items.



18/504921/REM                     Approval of Reserved Matters following outline application

27thSeptember                       14/500219/OUT (allowed on appeal) for demolition of existing commercial buildings and the development (and re-development)

of the site for 72 units within multiple building types and housing mix, including a total 29 units (40% in line with Policy SP20 of the adopted Local Plan 2017) affordable housing and apartment contribution.

Russell & Russell Roofing Ltd. The Farmhouse Business Centre

Headcorn Road Lenham.

We wish to object as not all the conditions in the planning statement as issued by the Inspector have yet been addressed.

  1. We concur with the negative responses from KCC Highways, the Environment Agency, Natural England, Mid-Kent Environment  Protection Team and Parks and Open Spaces.
  1. The quality design of housing types A B & H merit improvement, they are not in keeping with other village developments.
  1. The site plan text is a mirrored image and almost illegible.
  2. The Environment Agency highlights potential contaminants on the site from previous uses which requires further investigation, at present the contamination investigation is inadequate.   Important landscaping details incorporating ecological mitigation will not be available until after the ecological surveys have been  carried out in August 2019 therefore the submission is incomplete and invalid.
  1. In order to prevent recurrence of issues experienced with other developments we require detail of the open space calculation to enable it to be checked.  We would also ask that the open space monies be paid directly to LPC to be used as they and MBC after  consultation, best think fit to progress the infrastructure requirements as detailed in the Village Plan.


18/504343/FULL                    1STOctober

Minor Material Amendment to condition 10 of application

14/503411/FULL (Erection of 23 dwellings) to reposition access road and to lay new footpath. (Paddocks development)

Grove House Old Ashford Road Lenham ME17 2PX

We wish to object to the amendment until the TRO requiring a 50mph limit on the A20 has been confirmed and the speed reduced. The enforcement of the condition which prevents occupation prior to the TRO should be implemented.  We request any relocation groundwork at this time of year is installed up to tarmac base coat leaving the wearing covers until completion of contract as this is a very muddy location.


18/504983/FULL                       4thOctober

Demolition of rear conservatory, erection of two storey pitched roof rear extension and relocation of existing flue.

Whittiker Cottage Lenham heath Road Sandway ME17 2NB

We have no objections.


18/505045/FULL                    4thOctober

Change of use to general commercial use and car wash/valeting, with retention and erection of wash down area and valeting canopies together with ancillary structures and drainage, including plant room and sealed drainage system.

(Resubmission of 18/501630/FULL)

The Coach Park Old Ashford Road Lenham ME17 2DG


We wish to object as the two proposed spraying bays with drainage facilities are inadequate.

There should also be a linear drain to catch run off with drainage provision at the entrance to the site.

We are concerned that if cars are queuing and detergent chemicals are applied before reaching the two bays, the chemical run off will not go into the sump but as surface drainage into the river, which is less than 100m away despite the claims in the CET report.

The 30pmh speed limit should be extended as the site is on a dangerous bend within a 60mph zone.

The CET report erroneously states the nearest neighbours are a distance of 50m, they are in fact only 35m away from the site with the high-speed water pumps close to the boundary next to the nearest neighbouring property. Placing the pumps and spray bays on the eastern side of the site would help mitigate the noise issue.


18/505143/ADV                     9thOctober

Advertisement Consent for new signage including 2 no. Shop BP Helios Signs, 1no. M&S Facia sign, 1no. WBC Sign, 1no. Canopy Facia Sign, 2no. BP Helios Signs.

Star Service Stations Ltd Ashford Road Lenham ME17 2DB

We have no objections.


KCC/MA/0457/2018              17thOctober       

Section 37 Application to vary condition 2 (approved plans), 3 (external materials) and 7 (access and parking) of planning permission MA/16/507143

The Lenham School Ham (formerly Swadelands School), Ham Lane Lenham.

We continue to object, as the school has sufficient ground to offer alternative parking facilities on site during construction and prior to occupation of the new building. Ham Lane is already at capacity for parking and often excess vehicles cause problems for the coaches serving the school and the 10x bus service for the village.





An appeal has been lodged with the Planning Inspectorate. Proposal: Removal of three static mobile homes and erection of a single storey detached bungalow. 34 Maidstone Road Lenham.


An appeal has been lodged with the Planning Inspectorate. Proposal: Demolition of existing garden store and erection of a new garden store and single storey extension to existing barn, including external alterations. Honywood Farm West Street Lenham.


The meeting closed at 10.10pm

Planning Committee Meeting 17th October 2018
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