Lenham Parish Councillor Vacancies LPC Announcements

If you are interested in helping to shape the community you live in then perhaps you should consider joining the Lenham Parish Council. The council actively works towards improving the environment, ensuring the parish is kept in good order and planning for the future of the parishioners.

Lenham is a large parish and includes Sandway, Platts Heath, Lenham Heath, Woodside Green and Warren Street. With all the changes being considered in the Maidstone Borough Council Local Plan it is even more important to keep abreast of developments and keep a watchful eye on plans which may effect our community.

The commitment to being a parish councillor would involve being able to attend a monthly meeting of the council on the first Wednesday of each month (except September).  This meeting is held at the Community Centre in the Osborne room at 7.30pm.

There are sub-committees which deal with planning, finance and general purposes. You are not obliged to serve on a committee but obviously if you have a particular interest, planning for example, you would be welcome to join a sub-committee.  These committees meet on the first Monday and third Wednesday of each month in the Appleton room at the Community Centre.

The parish council encourage councillors to partake in training seminars and conferences (not obligatory).

If you would like more information please contact the Parish Council Clerk.

Lenham Parish Councillor Vacancies
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