NHP Meeting Minutes 17 January 2017 Neighbourhood Plan 2018


PRESENT – S MacKenzie (Chairman Presiding), R Greenwood (Chairman Parish Council), M McFarlane (Clerk Parish Council), Alastair Walmsley, N Osborne, H Shotter, V Woollven, Mike Cockett, J Hatcher (minutes secretary)

MINUTES of previous meeting were accepted as true copy and signed off.
AGENDA – items on the Agenda were discussed out of order but for ease of reference they

are listed hereunder in same order as Agenda

Feedback from meeting with Paul McCreery

MM had prepared a report of the meeting held on 12 January 2017 with Mr McCreery (copy attached). All those who attended the meeting were confident that Mr McCreery was well qualified and would be able to produce a good plan. Mr McCreery had raised several points which LNP needs to deal with which are set out in the report.

Decision on Appointment and scope of work.

It was agreed that Mr McCreery be engaged to carry out work on the LNP. Mr McCreery has set out an offer in his company’s name and LPC would prepare and forward a letter of engagement, Mr McCreery having confirmed that he would be able to commence his work on 24 January. MC will invite Mr McCreery to LNP meeting to be held on 24 January. SM will contact Mr McCreery to set up a meeting for SM and RG to meet him.

MM stated that Lotus Printing had always been very helpful in the past and she was confident they would help with the layout and publishing of the plan. MM also stated that Justin Smith Essex from LPC would be able to assist with diagrams and plans. Mr McCreery had stated that one of the questions to be raised with MBC is how much help will be forthcoming from them with regards to maps and graphics.

MC stated that Mr McCreery has requested a copy of LNP which incorporated all the suggested amendments. VW stated these were in Dropbox although some of the suggested amendments have not been incorporated into the actual Plan.


MC stated this was all in hand. LNP thanked MC for the work he had undertaken in this regard

Stance of Lenham Primary School

PC stated that the school were in the process of appointing a new Head, this should be completed by the end of January. At present the role of Acting Head was being carried out by the Deputy Head who had previously confirmed that the stance of the school would be for one school only. It was agreed that the stance therefore taken with MBC would be either the expansion of the present school or a completely new school. PC will speak to the school to ascertain what the school would require taking into account the proposed increase in

housing and therefore the increase in the number of children attending the school. PC will also obtain a footprint of the present school.

It was agreed that parking outside the school should be considered which was presently at a premium and already causing traffic problems when children were delivered/collected.

Review of Policies for LNP

HS has circulated a list of suggestions but due to the constraints of time is was agreed that this would be carried over to another meeting.

Agenda and questions for meeting with MBC on 30 January

Following much discussion it was agreed that the Agenda and questions to be raised should be as follows:

  1. Confirm MBC view of Inspector’s Report regarding Lenham Broad Location 1450 – 1000
    What is offset against that 1000?
  2. How do we ensure an integrated masterplan? (Do we agree no piecemeal development? )
  3. Process of liaison with MBC and LPC/LNP and resource availability
    1. Meetings – MBC with LPC/LNP 3.2. with developers
  4. Primary School capacity
  5. Brownfield emergence/employment retention

JH to circulate this Agenda for further discussion at next LNP meeting. MC to forward a copy of the same to Mr McCreery who had stated he would be able to attend meeting with MBC.

HS stated that MBC should also be asked for an update of the talks with Southern Water.

NO stated needed to go to meeting with clear idea of Agenda and questions as it was apparent that MBC had only allocated one hour for the meeting. It was agreed a chairperson should be nominated to lead the meeting.

Meeting at Lenham 25”February

Mr McCreery had stated that he knew the proposed developers involved and it was his preference for him to meet them individually initially.

Following much discussion it was agreed that the joint meeting should be deferred and Mr McCreery would be invited to meet the proposed developers individually. It was also agreed that a member from LNP should accompany him at those meetings.

Next steps

Confirm engagement with Mr McCreery
Firm up Agenda re meeting with MBC Incorporate suggested amendments into LNP HS will contact ANOB for further input


SM, HS and JH tendered apologies for next meeting on 24 January.

NEXT MEETING – 24 January 2016 at Lenham Community Center

NHP Meeting Minutes 17 January 2017
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