Neighbourhood Planning Group Meeting 5th March 2018 LPC General, LPC Meeting Minutes & Reports


(The Agenda for LNPG meeting set for 28th February which had been cancelled due to adverse
weather was carried over to this meeting)

PRESENT: RGreenwood(ChairmanLenhamParishCouncil),AWalmsley,ARadcliffe,M Ballard, N Osborne, P Culver, V. Woollven, J Hatcher, P McCreery


In the absence of SM, RG took over the Chair for the meeting.

It was agreed by all present that Mr A Radcliffe, who was due to take up a seat on Lenham Parish Council on 7th March, should join LNPG. Mr Radcliffe, due to a previous commitment, was not present at the start of the meeting but was welcomed to the Group on his arrival.

No declarations were received in relation to conflicts of interest arising from the Agenda.

2. The Minutes of the previous meeting were accepted and signed off.

3. Follow up on meeting with MBC in relation to:

● Transportation Study

This was discussed with MBC at a meeting on the 12th December however MBC have stated they are still awaiting to hear from their legal department regarding the documentation. The Study could not proceed until all necessary procedures have been finalised Following discussion, it was agreed that LPC would write to MBC requesting an update as this was delaying the publication of the Reg 14 draft LNP further.

PM stated he is recommending to the Infrastructure Delivery Group they commission their own light independent study to understand the capacity and design of a new road and new junctions.

● Tanyard Farm

Thiswasongoing. PMstatedthathehasforwardedfurtherrepresentationstoMBCbutdespite requests for a meeting with MBC to discuss LNPG’s concerns regarding this application no meeting had taken place.

● CIL update

It was agreed LNPG will continue to make representations to MBC that LNPG does not believe CIL payments will cover essential infrastructure to serve LNP and therefore the CIL Charging Schedule should be increased accordingly.

4. Follow up on correspondence/meetings in relation to:

● Masterplanning

The Masterplan for land to the east of Lenham had been completed

An updated version of the Masterplan for the land north of the railway and west of Ham Lane was awaited.

The Masterplan for land south of the railway is work in progress.

Next meeting of Infrastructure Delivery Group will take place at DHA offices at 10.00 am Tuesday 13th March.


AECOM’s Report of Assessment of Reasonable Alternatives for LNP was work in progress.

● Education

It was agreed that LNPG will redraft the Education Section of LNP to take account of discussions with KCC as to how best make provision for primary education.

LPC will arrange a meeting with the Nursery School to discuss matters.

● Network Rail

A response to PM’s letter to Network Rail is still awaited.

PM stated that KCC had indicated they could assist regarding this matter and it was agreed PM should write to KCC setting out LNPG’s concerns with Network Rail. A copy of this letter to be forwarded to Helen Whately

● Helen Whately

A meeting date to be arranged to discuss matters.

5. Minutes of Meetings

It was agreed that although Minutes of meetings could not be loaded onto LPC Website until the same had been signed off Draft Minutes of Meetings should be circulated to all LNPG members as soon as possible following meetings.

6. AOB

MB reported that the United Reform Church development was approaching stage when S106 contributions were due to be made.

Due to time constraints it was agreed the following be deferred to next meeting:

  •  Document received from Charing Counsel
  •  Neighbourhood Development Orders
  •  Publication of Minutes of Meetings outside LNPG meetings

7. Next Meeting – 7.45pm 20th March 2018 Meeting Closed – 10.05pm

Neighbourhood Planning Group Meeting 5th March 2018
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