Neighbourhood Planning Group Meeting 23rd January 2018 LPC General, LPC Meeting Minutes & Reports


PRESENT: S MacKenzie (Chairman Presiding), R Greenwood (Chairman LPC), A. Walmsley, M Ballard, M Cockett, P. Culver, V. Woollven, J. Hatcher, P McCreery APOLOGIES: N. Osborne

No declarations were received regarding conflicts of interest arising from the Agenda. The Minutes of the previous meeting were accepted and signed off.

2. CIL/Section 106 Payments

PM confirmed that he had been in correspondence with Shellina Prendergast regarding the pending or near pending Section 106 claims who has confirmed she has received assurances that procedures are in place with both MBC and KCC to collect such payments at the relevant time. Jared Nehra from KCC has also confirmed that KCC monitors the “trigger points”. PM has circulated details of these Section 106 claims and also drawn attention to various conditions attached to the major permitted sites at Lenham. Claims for Section 106 payments must be made as soon as development starts. The person to contact in the first instance is the Case Manager.

MB confirmed that he is collating the relevant information and preparing a document regarding S106 payments to include monies which should be received therefrom together with various conditions imposed on each site and the dates work commences.

MB stated there had been a meeting regarding the Lenham Library, the library will remain open. As there are plans to expand the library it is hoped that some funds from the payments can be utilised in this connection.

RG is preparing list of enhancements that future S106 payments could be utilised for.

3. Follow up on meetings/communications with:


Following much discussion regarding the Tanyard Farm application it was agreed to write to MBC regarding the lack of clarity received from them in relation to what would appear to be an identifiable departure from the Local Plan Policies in addition to a number of other key concerns and request a meeting with MBC.

RG and PM to prepare draft letter and circulate for approval. A meeting to be arranged with Tom and Janetta Sams as soon as possible to discuss the letter prior to finalisation thereof. MC to contact Mark Egerton at MBC to inform him letter is on way. The finalised letter to be copied to Rob Jarman at MBC, Shellina Prendergast and Helen Whately.


PM confirmed that a meeting had taken place with KCC. KCC have supplied the format for a document to be submitted regarding the implementation of a traffic survey to be carried out to include traffic movement, parking and the A20. MC will deal with the same.

RG will prepare draft letter to Helen Whately regarding this and other matters.

● Education

PM will contact Shellina Prendergast and the KCC concerning expansion necessary for increased intake of pupils.

It was agreed to defer a meeting with the Governors of the Lenham Primary School pending further communications with KCC.

● Network Rail

PM stated no response has yet been received from Network Rail.


MC had received and circulated the majority of their draft report of Assessment of Reasonable Alternatives for LNP although still awaiting last four chapters. It was agreed any comments thereon should be forwarded to MC by 30th January. MC will then prepare draft letter drawing Aecom’s attention to the points raised.

Aecom have not yet forwarded finalised Scoping Report.

4. Infrastructure Delivery including site deliverability

PM had written to landowners/developers stating deliverability was a necessary requisite. PM to chase those who have not responded explaining a further meeting had been arranged for the 31st January and it was essential responses received before that date.

5. AOB

SM confirmed he had drafted and circulated response to Mr Westcott
RG stated the vicar has requested a meeting to discuss LNP aspirations thus far.

SM confirmed he had had a discussion with Gladman Land following their approach during which SM informed them all land been allocated and LNPG could not assist them.

SM stated that he understood PM had had a meeting with Mark Boyd. PM confirmed this to be the case. Mr Boyd’s father was also in attendance as was Mark Boyd’s partner. The meeting was to bring Mr Boyd personally up to date with the emerging LNP. Mark Boyd stated he was comfortable with the outcome of the meeting. PM has subsequently written to Mark Boyd confirming content of meeting.

6. Next Meeting​ ​- Tuesday 6th February 7.45pm Lenham Community Centre Meeting Closed – 10.15pm

Neighbourhood Planning Group Meeting 23rd January 2018
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