Neighbourhood Planning Group Meeting 17th May 2018 LPC General, LPC Meeting Minutes & Reports


PRESENT: RGreenwood(ChairmanLenhamParishCouncil),AWalmsley,NOsborne,M Ballard, M Cockett, P Culver, J Hatcher, P McCreery

APOLOGIES. S MacKenzie, V Woollven

In the absence of the Chairman (S MacKenzie) R Greenwood took the chair.

No conflicts of interest were received.

The Minutes of the previous meeting were agreed and signed off

Tanyard Farm​: There had been no progress in relation to revised plans concerning this Application.

Transportation Study​: PM confirmed that the Transportation Study was underway, PBA were the successful applicant. A meeting has been arranged for the 29th May to discuss matters further.

Landowners response from Eastwood/Towers families: ​The Eastwood/Towers families have confirmed they are in discussions with Gladmans and further information is awaited.

Infrastructure Delivery: The next meeting of the Infrastructure Delivery Group has been arranged for 10.00am Thursday 7th June at the offices of DHA.

Education – Primary School: A reply from KCC to PM’s correspondence is still awaited. It was agreed LNPG ask the local MP for support with LNPG’s contention that there be only one primary school in Lenham, the area of land surrounding the Lenham Primary School being sufficient to allow for necessary expansion.

CIL​: PM is in correspondence with Maidstone Borough Council concerning the level of CIL payments.

MB confirmed that he is chasing the monies due in relation to the United Reform Church site. MB also confirmed that the speed reductions imposed in relation to the Paddocks site is going ahead.

AECOM: The draft updated environmental assessment report has been received and circulated.

MC will write to AECOM informing them the Transportation Study is now being prepared.Network Rail:​ Carried forward to next meeting

Report on water resources received from Charing Council: ​Following discussions concerning the report, it was agreed that this would be incorporated into LNP

Minerals in Lenham:​ This is ongoing.


RG stated a letter had been received from Mr Ambrose concerning his land and it was agreed that PM will draft a response for the Parish Clerk to forward to Mr Ambrose.

Following discussions, it was agreed that PM would communicate with various landowners concerning the availability of land for future development.

NEXT MEETING: ​7.45pm 12th June 2018MEETING CLOSED:​ 9.15pm.

Neighbourhood Planning Group Meeting 17th May 2018
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