Neighbourhood Plan Minutes 10 January 2017 Neighbourhood Plan 2018


PRESENT – S MacKenzie (Chairman Presiding), R Greenwood (Chairman Parish Council), M McFarlane (Clerk Parish Council), Alastair Walmsley, N Osborne, H Shotter, V Woollven, M Cockett, J Hatcher (Minutes Secretary)

APOLOGIES – P Culver, M Jerrett

The Chairman opened the meeting wishing everyone a belated Happy New Year.

The Chairman stated that following the release of the Inspector’s interim findings regarding MBC’s Local Plan on the 22 December 2016 he had spoken with Mark Egerton from MBC who stated that there was a further meeting on the 24 January 2017 (Session 15B) of the Inspector’s Examination to be held at the Town Hall and that the interim findings report released was not necessarily the final report. MBC would then need to draw up an amended LP and the full Council would then need to take a view on it prior to the same being adopted. SM also stated that MBC had indicated that in principle they will be more flexible regarding the date LNP needs to be completed.

Mark Egerton went on to ask whether he had to deal with LPC and LNP as two separate entities. Margo McFarlane, as Clerk for LPC, stated that LNP is the leader for the plan and LPC would back it 100%. Henny Shooter said that LNP needs to work in tandem with LPC.

Mr Jarman of MBC had suggested two dates following the 24 January for a meeting with MBC, it was agreed that the 30 January at 3.00 would be the more convenient. The suggested attendees from LNP for this meeting were SM, MC, NO, AW, HS would also be available and RG stated he would be available if any of the others could not attend. SM stated the number of attendees from Lenham should depend on the numbers attending from MBC. SM went on the state that LNP need to attend the meeting knowing what LNP wants to come out with, a suggested Agenda and questions needs to be drawn up before attending the meeting. RG suggested that LNP should follow the lead of the Inspector and prepare an Agenda with a list of questions LNP required answers to.

It was agreed that a meeting should take place at Lenham Community Centre with LPC, LNP, MBC together with landowners/developers to show that LNP aspires to develop a Masterplan. The date for this meeting would be 15 February and MM would send out the invitations with the suggested wording for the invitations together with a list of the invitees to be forwarded to her which she would then despatch as necessary SM would also speak to Mark Egerton about this.

MC stated that the application for a grant for the Local Plan had to be submitted by 6 January and as only LPC could apply for this a decision had be made by LPC to proceed withthesame. MChadbeenincontactwithMrMcCreeryandnegotiatedareductioninhis fees for the Neighbourhood Plan to £9,000. Mr McCreery had also indicated he could comply with the requirements of the proposed grant that the work be completed by 31 March 2017. MC would contact Mr McCreery and ask for sight of his CV together with previously completed presentations and invite him to attend the next LNP meeting to be held on Tuesday 17 March

HS stated that LNP should have policies within the Plan to protect the historic centre of Lenham. HS to produce a list of these suggested policies and circulate.

HS also suggested that LNP should enquire about the stance Lenham Primary School would take regarding either extension of the existing school or the development of a new school. It was agreed that PC would be the best placed to make the necessary enquiries.

Meeting Closed – 10.00 pm
Next Meeting – Tuesday 17 January 2017

Neighbourhood Plan Minutes 10 January 2017
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