Neighbourhood Plan Meeting Minutes 9th May 2017 Neighbourhood Plan 2018

PRESENT: Sandy McKenzie (Chairman Presiding), R Greenwood (Chairman Parish Council), N Osborne, M Cockett, H. Shotter, V Woollven, P McCreery, J Hatcher

APOLOGIES: P Culver, A Walmsley


1 Minutes of previous meeting accepted and signed off
2 Feedback from any further communications/meetings with

(a) Lenham Storage.

MBC had reverted to LNPG stating that LNP cannot put Lenham Storage site forward as MBC require this to remain an employment site

(b) Aliaxis.

PM stated that he had had a meeting with Aliaxis following MBC reverting to LNPG stating that LNP needed to demonstrate deliverability regarding this site. Unfortunately Aliaxis were not minded to provide proof of this.

3. Communications/meetings with other owners/developers including Towers family

PM had had a meeting with the representatives of the owners of the Sandpits who will revert to LNPG following further consideration being given to site

PM had also had a meeting with members of the Towers family, LNPG to have further contact with Towers family once the family have had further discussions.

4. Communications/meetings with any infrastructure providers including Lenham School and the surgery

RG reported he had had contact with the clerk to the Governors of Invicta and is in the process of setting up a meeting

PM is dealing with surgery

5. Consideration of Paul McCreery’s advice of 8th May

Following much discussion on this, it was agreed PM will look at the ownership of the land, what open space needs to be created and what housing numbers could be achieved.

6. Moving forward on a plan draft

HS stated that LNP should include the housing survey carried out including reference to any social housing requirements. HS will forward a copy of the housing survey to PM.

It was agreed that cycle paths should be looked at within the Parish and NO agreed to check to find possible locations for cycle paths

SM suggested LNPG should be in contact with the new owners of Lenham Court to ascertain their intentions regarding their land.

7. AOB, update if required on
CIO Foundation Trust. The Trustees are waiting for James Hunt of Gill Turner & Tucker

to revert to them regarding the Objects of the Trust

LNPG Constitution The draft prepared by RG had been circulated. After much discussion regarding this RG will revisit the same and redraft.

Traffic Management /Parking . RG confirmed LPC are dealing with this. Electronic Archive. MC and PM are dealing with this

RG confirmed that he had forwarded the previously agreed letter to Helen Whateley and was awaiting a response.

MC will prepare draft Minute to Shelina Prendergast local representative on KCC.

Meeting Closed: 10.20 pm
Next meeting: 16th May 2017 at 8.00 pm

Neighbourhood Plan Meeting Minutes 9th May 2017
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