Neighbourhood Plan Meeting Minutes 7th February 2017 Neighbourhood Plan 2018


PRESENT – S MacKenzie (Chairman Presiding), R Greenwood (Chairman Parish Council), M McFarlane (Clerk Parish Council), M Cockett, Nick Osborne, A Walmsley, H Shotter, P McCreery, J Hatcher

APOLOGIES – P Culver, V Woollven

  1. Minutes of previous meeting accepted as true copy and signed off.
  2. Conflicts of Interest – MM had circulated draft DPI form, it was agreed that the

Employment section needed amending by splitting the same into two sections being “Paid Employment” and “ Voluntary Employment”. MM will take necessary action.

3. LPC/LNPG relationship – PM stated there was need to make distinction between LPC and LNPG, LNPG needs terms of reference. HS thought this had already been done and is on website but will check. PM also stated that Minutes of LNPG need to be placed on LPC website. RG stated that all aspects of finance including expenses should go through MM as RFO to LPC.

4. Further contact with MBC since 30th January 2017 – MBC had replied in part to PM’s two letters by e-mail from Sue Whiteside. It was agreed that PM would draft letters in response to be circulated to LNPG members prior to despatch

a) Confirmation of invitations issued

SM stated that the dates for these meetings had been slightly amended to 14th/15th and 22nd February. MM confirmed that the letters had been despatched. SM requested MM prepare a definitive list of invitees and also a timetable of the meetings once replies received with 1 1⁄2 hour slots for each meeting. MM to chase invitees by telephone if no reply received. LNP needs to be amended following the Inspector’s findings and needs to obtain relevant information and proposals from the landowners/developers. A standard list of questions to be addressed to each of the landowners/developers had been prepared by PM. PM would lead each meeting with SM in attendance although other members of LNPG would be welcome to attend. It was agreed that each of the meetings should be recorded. LNPG needs to inform invitees of this action. RG suggested hiring a professional stenographer, he has one lady in mind and if she is not available will proceed further.

b) Deliverables .
SM to chase MBC for OS maps required for meetings with landowners/agents. A clean copy

of the map would be required for each meeting. Water to be on table for the meetings

There then followed much discussion regarding LNP, RG stating LNP should carry forward as much of previous work carried out by LNPG as possible. Taking on board the decisions

of the Inspector LNP would need to change and as such it was agreed that following these amendments/changes LNPG needs to take the Plan back to Regulation 14.

6. Community Communications
a) Posting of Meeting Minutes on LPC website.

It was agreed that the Minutes of Meetings from January 2017 should be placed on website. b) Monthly Focus update .

This is already being carried out under Parish Council section and would continue.

7. Further Funding . MC reported that he needed to have further discussions with PM in order to finalise the next grant application by 27th February 2017

8. Dates for future meetings. It was agreed the next meeting should be on 21st February with a further review thereafter


Next steps/Action Points

  1. MM to amend DPI forms
  2. PM to draft letters to MBC re funding for SEA and future Planning Applications received prior to LNP in place
  3. MM to prepare list of invitees and timetable of meetings
  4. SM to chase MBC re OS maps
  5. RG to organise stenographer
  6. Minutes of LNPG to be placed on LPC website
  7. MC/PM to have discussions re further funding



RG stated P Coulling had informed him there is to be a serious meeting with MBC regarding lack of overall planning re employment

PM stated that LNPG should be aware that Headcorn are approaching the Court for a Judicial Review on the grounds MBC did not look at the cumulative affect of traffic. If this succeeds Maidstone will not be able to adopt their Plan and will have to go back and revisit air quality and the cumulative affect of traffic.

NEXT MEETING – 21st February 2017

Neighbourhood Plan Meeting Minutes 7th February 2017
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