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PRESENT – S MacKenzie (Chairman Presiding), H Shotter, V Woollven, M Cockett, N Osborne, P Culver, A Walmsley, P McCreery, J Hatcher

APOLOGIES – R Greenwood, M McFarlane

The Chairman opened the meeting stating that LNPG wished to thank Jan Rimmer for taking the Minutes at various meetings with landowners/developers

Agenda/Matters Arising

1. The Minutes of the previous meeting were agreed as true copy and signed off.

2. DPI Forms MM had produced amended version of the DPI Forms which were on the table. These are to be completed by members of the group and returned at the next meeting.

3. Terms of Reference. PM stated that this documentation needs to differentiate between LPC and LNPG

4. Posting of Minutes on LPC Website . MM had confirmed that the Minutes for the LNPG meetings going back to January 2017 were ready to be loaded onto the Website. MM had also confirmed that following receipt of the Minutes of future LNPG meetings she

would be able to make arrangements for these to be loaded on to LPC Website.

PM stated that LNPG needs an electronic archive for documentation as well as a paper archive. Following much discussion regarding the various options available it was agreed that PM should arrange a meeting with J Smith-Essex of LPC to discuss setting up an electronic archive on behalf of LNPG. PM will prepare list of documents to go on the LNP section of the Website.

5. Project Report PM had prepared and circulated Project Report (2nd dated 17.1.2017) which sets out the steps to be taken regarding LNP and approximate dates for completion of the various steps although these dates are only approximate and could alter as matters progressed.

PM stated that he needs details of open spaces within the Parish. SM will locate and provide PM with copy of the HIVE Report which contains details of open spaces. MC stated there was a map showing these details which he would locate and circulate.

6. Further communication from MBC . SM confirmed that a response had been received late today from Sue Whitehouse of MBC via email.

7. Feedback and implications of meetings with landowners/developers. Meetings had taken place on both 14/15 February with various landowners/developers who had responded to the invitations. These meetings had been minuted and further meetings with the various attendees would be arranged in due course.

8. Further meetings with landowners/developers meetings scheduled for 22 February. Further meetings had been arranged for the 22 February which would follow the same format as those meetings which had already taken place.

9. Tanyard Farm (and LNP) . It was agreed that discussions regarding development to the east of Lenham would continue following further meetings with landowners/developers.

10. Consultation Strategy and consultation bodies. PM had produced and circulated document to the members of LNPG dated 19.2.2017. This needs input regarding local bodies who will need to be consulted. NO is in process of compiling this list.

11. Meeting with Infrastructure providers on 13 March 2017. NO will book a room at the Community Centre to facilitate these meetings. PM to lead these meetings the purpose of which is to review infrastructure requirements in relation to the proposed new houses in Lenham



Dates for future meetings. It was agreed that the next meeting should be 7 March 2017

Next steps/Action Points

  • DPI forms to be completed
  • Terms of reference to be finalised
  • Minutes to be loaded onto LPC Website
  • Electronic archive to be set up for LNP documents
  • SM/MC to provide Hive Report/maps of open spaces
  • Further meetings with landowners/developers on 22/02/2017
  • List of consultation bodies to be completed
  • Meeting with infrastructure providers on 13th March to be organised

13. MEETING CLOSED. 10.15 pm


Neighbourhood Plan Meeting Minutes 21st February 2017
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