Neighbourhood Plan Meeting 20 June 2017 LPC Meeting Minutes & Reports, Neighbourhood Plan 2018

ON 20 JUNE 2017

PRESENT: S McKenzie (Chairman presiding), R Greenwood (Chairman Parish Council), M Cockett, N Osborne, H Shotter, V Woollven, P McCreery, J Hatcher

Minutes of previous Meeting
The Minutes of the previous meeting were agreed and signed off as true copy

Feedback from meeting wit Shellina Prendergast

A meeting had taken place with Shellina Prendergast, local representative on KCC, to apprise her of the progress to date with LNP. She will contact and liaise with Jared Nehra regarding education within Lenham and also Brendan Wright regarding highways. Shellina Prendergast wishes to be kept updated with the progress of LNP. She also suggested that LNP communicate with and involve Janetta and Tom Sams, Maidstone Borough Councillors for the area.

Feedback from meeting with Andrew Barr and advisor

Mr Barr together with his representative from Dean Lewis had attending a meeting. Following discussions with them it was agreed that they had no plans to reveal at the time of the meeting but would revert to PM in due course with a concept plan.

Consideration of further correspondence with MBC following meeting on 1st June

PM was still in communication with MBC and awaiting their response to some of the points raised at the meeting of 1st June and he will continue to follow this up.

Identification of outstanding items/discussions required to take the plan forward for consultation

There then followed discussions regarding the briefing note concerning the outstanding items/discussions required to take the plan forwarded which had been prepared and circulated by PM.

It was agreed that due to time pressures and in order to move the LNP forward a further meeting, a half day ‘Decision Day’ should be organised.

It was also agreed that further meetings need to be organised with landowners/developers to discuss proposed housing developments, Mr Knight having already Indicated he wished to have a further meeting with LNP.

Discussions on scheduling a half day ‘Decision Day’ event

It was agreed that a half day ‘Decision Day’ event should take place on 7th July commencing at 9.30 a.m. VW confirmed that this meeting could take place at The Granary.

Agreement on date for Public Consultation event on 16 September

It was agreed that the Public Consultation regarding LNP should take place in conjunction with the Junior School holding their Harvest Fayre on the 16 September.

PM stated that he envisaged producing first Word draft of LNP by 1 August

VW stated that she was arranging a meeting with the school for week commencing 26 June

PM will chase MBC for necessary plans

MC to prepare first draft of “What’s changed and why” to be inserted in Focus

VW would organise stands for the event

MM and team would be asked to deal with advertising using Focus as printers


MM had circulated an email received from Graham Norton, PM confirmed that he would deal with this.

PM also stated that the written statement submitted by him regarding the Loder Close Appeal would survive as a statement.


7th July – Half day ‘Decision Day’
18th July – 8.00 pm Lenham Community Centre 1st August – 8.00 pm Lenham Community Centre 15th August – 8.00 pm Lenham Community Centre


Neighbourhood Plan Meeting 20 June 2017
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