Neighbourhood Plan Meeting 1st August 2017 Neighbourhood Plan 2018


PRESENT: S. McKenzie (Chairman Presiding), R Greenwood (Chairman Lenham Parish Council), A. Walmsley, M. Cockett, N Osborne, H. Shotter, V Woollven, J Hatcher, P McCreery

The Chairman opened the meeting by thanking Martin Porter and VW for the preparation of the

Minutes in relation to the meeting on the 7th July
1 Approval of meeting Minutes of 7th and 18th July

The Minutes of the previous meetings were accepted and signed off

2. Noting of:

a. reply to latest communication with MBC

PM had received a communication from MBC stating that Sue Whiteside was on holiday returning this week

b. meeting/communication regarding joint approach with Harrietsham to A20 traffic management.

There was nothing further to report at present
c. withdrawal of Wealden Homes appeal on land at Loder Close

PM had had a telephone conversation with Mr Norton on this and it was hoped that everyone would be able to work constructively together in the future.

3. Report of meeting/communications with: a. Football Club (Lenham Wanderers)

The football club stated that they would prefer 3 full size pitches and one junior pitch. It was suggested that their needs could be met by one full size pitch and one 4G pitch, with flood lighting. The 4G pitch could be used for training purposes as well although LNPG are aware that there is already a 3G pitch with flood lighting in the village which the football club use for training purposes and occasional matches. They would also require a club house. It was noted that there is the possibility of obtaining grants from Sport England and/or the FA. There followed much discussion on this. PM will put forward the potential option to the Barr family/their representative.

b. The Towers Family

PM stated that the family has not yet appointed a consultant although they are moving forward. The Towers family stated their concerns about all proposed sites being treated equally with regard to housing allocations. PM has agreed with them he would review proposed allocations and revert to them.

c. Countryside

PM stated there is no immediate action to be taken with regard to Countryside. Their Highways Engineer had stated that Smokey Bridge would work but that there was a “pinch point” on Old Ham Lane with traffic coming from south of the railway which needs further investigation .

d. Practice Manager at the Surgery
PM stated there was nothing further to report on this.
4. Consideration of amended proposals received from the Barr family/their agent

The letter received from the Barr’s representative, having been previously circulated by PM, was discussed in detail. PM will prepare draft response and circulate for comment/amendment prior to despatch.

5. Consideration of potential site capacities
PM has prepared and circulated potential site capacities.

PM will contact all landowners/developers advising them of suggested distribution and advising them these will be in public domain by 16 September.

PM and SM will prepare table regarding open spaces/enhanced cash payments to be received in relation to the proposed sites for discussion at future meeting.

6. Consideration of amended draft policies

There was then discussion regarding the amended draft policies which PM had prepared and circulated. HS had prepared suggested amended wording for LNP10 which was agreed. It was agreed that, apart from this amendment only minor amendments were required.

HS will check Judgments in relation to not building in front of Grade 1 Listed Buildings. 7. Actions required in relation to Appeal on land west of Ham Lane.

PM stated this was a written appeal, there is no hearing. Objections need to go in by 28 August. PM will prepare draft and circulate.

8. Planning of Public Consultation arranged for 16 September

VW noted the availability of LNPG members for both the setting up on the Thursday and the event on the 16th

VW went through the proposed layout for the event together with anticipated displays and stands.

Discussion took place on the availability of a full draft Plan ahead of the Consultation. PM advised that ensuring that new Policies are agreed and available should be the priority together with material that explains the changes from the previous draft and illustrative charts.

LNPG needs to prepare Questionnaire for completion by the public and VW will locate and circulate the previous questionnaire for comment thereon.

PM will contact landowners/developers to ask if they wish to supply a plan for exhibiting at the event.

PM to contact MC (who had left the meeting) regarding adjustment of the plan in relation to those sites which already have permission and those which do not have permission.

Distribution of leaflets was being organised and an article needs to be prepared for the September issue of Focus.

RG will prepare statement in relation to traffic/parking for discussion with the public. 9. Progress in relation to the Neighbourhood Plan

This is work in progress but PM requested confirmation that LNPG were in agreement with proposed housing distribution and this was agreed.

PM also stated that he has not yet had a meeting with Lotus/Justin in relation to printing, the production of maps and plans etc. VW will organise.

10. AOB

PM stated that the owners of Lenham Sandpits have requested a further meeting. PM will contact them in order to have a discussion prior to confirming meeting.

11. NEXT MEETING: 15 August 8.00 pm Lenham Community Centre


Neighbourhood Plan Meeting 1st August 2017
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