Neighbourhood Plan Meeting 13/Oct/2015 LPC Meeting Minutes & Reports

Report of the meeting of the Neighbourhood Plan Team on Tuesday 13th October 2015

8.00pm at the Community Centre.


PRESENT:      S MacKenzie, Chairman presiding. C Gillett, L Porter, V Woollven, M Jerrett, P Culver,

M Cockett, N Osborne, K Hughes & D Parfitt, (Designscape Consultancy) M McFarlane (LPC Clerk)


APOLOGIES Borough Cllr. Janetta Sams



Details for the planned event on the 17th October at Lenham Primary School were discussed in detail.

Kingsley will provide boards for main display purpose, the Community Centre will loan tables, chairs and display boards.  The foyer area will be the registration desk with key bullet points of information on show and flyers with guidance concerning the difference between MBC Local Plan and LPC Neighbourhood Plan.  C Gillett & L Porter will meet and greet attendees.


The key message of the NHP will be on display including maps showing the settlement boundary.

Sites, both MBC suggested and NHP recommended. Correspondence with MBC, (D Elvin’s letter) Landscape Character, sensitivity and capacity studies.  Plan aspirations and policies with the latest change to the plan at the beginning of the display and repeated on the final board.


Copies of the NHP draft plan 2/10/15 will be available for inspection alongside copies of MBC Local Plan.

Cllrs. T & J Sams will be requested to answer questions and offer advice on the MBC Local Plan.


A questionnaire will be provided, offering the opportunity to join a technical briefing, probably within a month of the event.


An in-house photographer will attend to record the event. Notices will inform the public that photographs are being taken for publicity purposes.


The competitions are finalised. CPRE, Kent Wildlife Trust and the Walking Lenham display will be next to one another.  A display of the recent school visits will be alongside the art area for children.


A continuous film show will be projected throughout the day, showing the landscape of Lenham and the Jubilee celebrations.


Refreshments are organised.  The flyers have been delivered throughout the parish, banners and large boards advertising the event are in situ.


Kingsley will work with LPC (M Jerrett) on the Loder Close planning defence and specifically support and assist to argue legalities for planning arguments to build up a standard defence working within NPPF guidelines. Time lines for the Ham Lane Appeal, MBC Local Plan and Loder Close responses are pressing, so Kingsley & M Jerrett will start on the objections immediately.  LPC resolved to fund sixteen hours consultation fees at the meeting on 7th October.

Plan Progress post 17th October (For reference purposes)


  1. Prepare the consultation statement by early November
  2. Re-visit MBC during November
  3. Plan the formal six week consultation for early 2016 (Regulation 14)
  4. Collate responses to comments from consultation by March
  5. Submit to MBC for regulation 16 consultation April/May
  6. Plan should be with Examiner by June
  7. Referendum in September after holiday period.


Neighbourhood Plan Meeting 13/Oct/2015
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  1. lesley

    I can’t see it announced anywhere here, but there was a very interesting and informative Neighbourhood Plan Meeting for everyone on Sat 21 November 2015 in the village hall. I did a rundown of it, because I wanted to remember what was said, there doesn’t seem even to be an announcement of this meeting on – so I was at a loss as to where to put this link. Just made a command decision – the link is here: Do read it – it tells you all about what’s going on with the NHP and how to object effectively to planning applications, if that’s what you want to do.

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