Neighbourhood Plan Group Meeting 7th March 2017 Neighbourhood Plan 2018

PRESENT – S MacKenzie (Chairman Presiding), R Greenwood (Chairman Parish Council), P McCreery, M Cockett, N Osborne, A Walmsley, H Shotter, V Woollven, J Hatcher

APOLOGIES – P Culver, M McFarlane

Minutes of previous meeting agreed as true copy and signed off
2. DPI Forms . SM still to complete form, the balance of the outstanding forms were

handed to NO to pass to MM as Clerk to Parish Council.

3. Posting of Minutes on LPC Website . Minutes to date from January 2017 had been placed on the Website. MM said that future Minutes would be uploaded once the same were received.

4. Electronic archive for LNPG documents. An electronic archive was under investigation. PM to deal with documents list to be stored in archive once up and running.

5. Feedback and implications from meetings held on 22nd February 2017. The further meetings with landowners/developers who had responded to invitations had been held. Further communication/meetings would be held with the attendees in due course. In the meantime, the landowners/developers were invited to respond, in writing, providing greater detail on their preferred development plans including delivery, density, recognition and ability to comply with Policy DM22 and their further thoughts on support for a Lenham Amenity Trust.

6. Tanyard Farm (and LNP). It was noted that a hybrid planning application had been received for Tanyard Farm and that this would be considered by LPC. The LNPG would not respond directly on this matter as it had been supporting as an allocation by the Inspector. However, the LNPG recognised the need to continue to engage directly with the developer in order to secure development and mitigation in the form recognised by the Inspector and to optimise the outcome for the benefit of Lenham.

7. Consultation Strategy and Consultation Bodies. NO is dealing with the completion of the list of consultation bodies. PM will progress this once list completed.

8. Meeting with infrastructure providers on 13th March. PM will produce and circulate Agenda for this and will chair meeting. AW, HS and NO will also attend together with any other members of LNPG available. VW will ask Jan Rimmer to take Minutes if she is available.

There then followed much discussion regarding the infrastructure requirements needed for the proposed new housing. HS stated that LNPG should give serious consideration to the flow of traffic through the village together with parking facilities. It was agreed this needs further discussion.

9. Meeting with James Kent on 13 March. This meeting had been arranged for 2.00 pm on the 13 March at Community Center and had been organised by PM in order to discuss with James Kent from Gill Turner & Tucker the setting up of an Amenity Trust. MC and NO would also attend the meeting with PM.

10. Further Funding . MC stated that there was only a further grant of £1,000 which could be available.

11. AOB

i). Barton Willmore had contacted MM by e-mail requesting a meeting regarding Lenham Sandpits. PM will respond.


Action points and next steps

  • SM to complete DPI form
  • Electronic archive needs to be set up
  • PM to prepare list of documents to be stored in archive
  • NO to finalise list of consultation bodies
  • PM to prepare Agenda for meeting with infrastructure providers Meeting with infrastructure providers on 13 March
  • Meeting with James Kent on 13 March
  • PM to respond to Barton Willmore

Date for next meeting . It was agreed next meeting should be 16th March at 8 pm


13. MEETING CLOSED – 10.20 pm NEXT MEETING – 16th March 2017

Neighbourhood Plan Group Meeting 7th March 2017
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