Neighbourhood Plan Group Meeting 20th March 2018 LPC General, LPC Meeting Minutes & Reports


PRESENT: S.Mac Kenzie(Chairman presiding); R Greenwood (Chairman Lenham Parish Council); A Walmsley; A Radcliffe; M Ballard; M Cockett; N Osborne; P Culver; V Woollven; J Hatcher; P McCreery

No declarations were received in relation to conflicts of interest arising from the Agenda The Minutes of the previous meeting were agreed and signed off.

2. Infrastructure Group
a. Meeting on 13th March

PM reported that there was progress on every front.

b. William Pitt Field​ –

A statement has been drafted by the Chairman of the LPC explaining the rationale for and approach being taken when considering the sale of William Pitt Field. This will be discussed fully by the LPC before publication in final form. Subject to this, the next LPC meeting will consider land agents that could be approached to advise and act for the LPC if a decision is made to explore the sale of William Pitt Field in whole or in part.

The following actions were agreed:-

PM would discuss matters with the Barr family

MC to investigate grant possibilities in relation to possible new pitches and sports facilities

c. Jones Homes

PM to prepare statement for LNPG as to how engaging with Jones Homes and others.

3. Communications with MBC concerning:

a Transportation Study – Draft documentation has now been received from MBC. Following much discussion it was agreed that prior to signing the content of the document should be considered further. The following actions were agreed:

MC to discuss matter with M Egerton at MBC SM/VW to discuss document with David Elvin QC RG will speak to Mr French of BTF

b. Tanyard Farm​-

Communication with MBC is ongoing
PM to communicate with Shellina Prendergast and T & J Sams regarding current position LNPG remains very keen to discuss matters with Mr Bailey


c. Any other matters ​- No matters arising

4. Education

a. Secondary School​ – No matters arising
b. Primary School – ​PM to communicate with KCC
c. Nursery School​ – NO to firm up meeting with the nursery school to discuss matters

5. Network Rail – correspondence with:

a. Network Rail ​- A response has not been received to PM’s letter to Network Rail
b. KCC – PM to prepare paper on current situation and send to KCC for advice, a copy of same to be sent to Helen Whately

c. Helen Whately – RG confirmed that the Parish Clerk will be contacting Jenny Whittle to arrange a meeting.

6. Greenwood Homes letter re speed on A20 ​- It was agreed this was a matter for LPC to deal with.

7. Mineral Extraction at Chapel Farm – There was a open Consultation Meeting arranged for 22 March at the Community Centre, LPC will report on this matter after the Consultation Meeting

8. AECOM – MC to contact AECOM regarding the Scoping Report and suggested amendments to Report of Assessment of Reasonable Alternatives for LNP

9. AOB

PM to consider report on water resources received from Charing Council and report thereon to LNPG

PM to forward to JH any Minutes of Meetings outside LNPG meetings which require to be downloaded onto LPC Website, JH will then forward these to Parish Clerk.

Neighbourhood Development Orders – due to constraints of time this matter carried forward to next meeting

10. Next Meeting – ​7.45pm Tuesday 17th April at Lenham Community Centre


Meeting closed 10.10 pm

Neighbourhood Plan Group Meeting 20th March 2018
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