Neighbourhood Plan Group Meeting 17th April 2018 LPC General, LPC Meeting Minutes & Reports


PRESENT: S MacKenzie (Chairman Presiding), R Greenwood (Chairman Lenham Parish Council), A Walmsley, M Cockett, N Osborne, P Culver, V Woollven, J Hatcher, P McCreery


V Woollven declared a conflict of interest may arise in relation to potential provision for post 2031 period and she would leave the meeting when this matter arose. No other declarations were received

The Minutes of the previous meeting were agreed and signed off.

Tanyard Farm PM stated that revised plans were being prepared in relation to this site and MBC have stated that there will be consultations in regard thereto.

Transportation Study​. The specification regarding the Transportation Study has been sent to three firms with the deadline for responses being 20th April. PM will circulate the completed proposals over the weekend of 21st/22nd April. It was agreed that a meeting would be set up for 23rd April with RG, AA, NO and MC (together with MB if available) in attendance to discuss proposals and decide the successful applicant. Anyone wishing to comment on the completed proposals should do so prior to the meeting on the 23rd. A project briefing with the successful applicant would be arranged for the 25th April

William Pitt Field​. A statement by Lenham Parish Council has been placed in the public domain.

Landowners Meetings​. – PM has circulated the Minutes of Infrastructure Group Meeting held on 13th March, copy attached. Following discussion it was agreed that PM would communicate with the Towers/Eastwood families to seek clarification on the availability of their land to be responded to by end of the month.

Spring Update​. Lenham Parish Council to consider the Spring Update prepared and circulated by PM, this to be placed in the public domain once agreed and finalised.

Lenham Primary School – ​KCC have not responded to PM’s recent correspondence and it was

agreed to update Shellina Prendergast and Helen Whately regarding the position.

Lenham Nursery​. It was confirmed that a meeting has taken place between Lenham Parish Council and the Nursery School regarding LNP and communication was ongoing

Report on Water Resources received from Charing Council​. LPC are awaiting response from Charing Council as to whether the report could be used by LNPG and in negotiations with MBC

AECOM MChasreceivednofurthercommunicationfromAECOMandtheScopingReporthas not been received, MC to chase them.

Report on consultation re Mineral Extract at Chapel Farm. ​PM to review situation with regard to minerals in Lenham and revert to LNPG


MBC CIL workshop on 20th June – LPC to discuss this and decide who will attend, details of attendee to be notified to MBC by 1st June.

Discussion of PM’s draft letter to MBC​. PM has drafted letter to MBC regarding CIL and subject to any further feedback this will be forwarded to MBC

VW left the meeting at this point
Potential Provision for post 2031 period​. Nothing to reportAOB

It was agreed that PM would prepare and circulate a briefing note on the difficulties encountered with Network Rail to be circulated to landowners, local MP, County Members, Borough Members and generally be given wide circulation once agreed.

Next Meeting ​7.30pm 17th May at Lenham Community CentreMeeting closed ​10.20pm

Neighbourhood Plan Group Meeting 17th April 2018
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