Neighbourhood Plan Group Meeting 15 August 2017 Neighbourhood Plan 2018


PRESENT: S McKenzie (Chairman Presiding), R Greenwood (Chairman Lenham Parish Council), M Cockett, N Osborne, H Shorter, V Woollven, J Hatcher, P McCreery


1.TheMinutesofthepreviousmeetingwereacceptedastruecopyandsignedoff 2.Notingofcorrespondence/communicationwith:

a. MBC

PM had received a communication from Sue Whiteside of MBC stating that Aecom were supporting Lenham Parish Council in submitting a bid for the GLC/Locality Technical Package available for the SEA. MC confirmed that he has a telephone call booked with Locality later in the week. The communication from Sue Whiteside also stated that should the application fail “Aecom will give me a ballpark figure so that my Director can give a final sign off and we can proceed to jointly prepare the brief and agree the appointment of consultants”.


PM stated that at the meeting they had put forward their case for this area to be included in the LNP but MBC had previously indicated they would be against this inclusion due to locality. Following discussion at the LNPG meeting it was agreed that PM should contact Barton Wilmore stating that LNP could not include this as an allocation but the Plan would describe this as an aspiration. PM will also invite them to produce an A1 board to display their proposals at the Consultation Day on the 16 September.


PM had been in communication with Peter Court acting for the Russells

Following discussions it was agreed by LNPG that PM should write to the Russells, Knights and the Tower family suggesting a joint Masterplan for !and to the south of the railway and invite them all to a meeting to discuss this.


PM had now heard from DHA Planning. DHA stated they were awaiting instructions from their clients in relation to a map for presentation at the Consultation on the 16 September.

3. The Barr family/their representative
PM stated that he had not yet received a response to his last letter to the representative of the

Barr family.
4. Table of land/enhanced cash payments in relation to proposed sites

PM stated that this had been been dealt with within the draft policies under Policy GR1 (Green Infrastructure Policy)

5. Supporting Background Report re Local Green Space
PM had prepared a draft report and this had been circulated. SM stated that any editorial

matters in relation to this should be forwarded to PM
There then followed much discussion regard this and the sites to be included therein. PM will

amend as necessary and circulate. MC will amend the plan to be included in this report.
NO and HS will deal with the inclusion of Woodside Green in the report. NO and HS will discuss

Bullhill and decide whether or not this can be classed as a Local Green Space.

PM stated it was not necessary to include the play area situated within the Cherry Orchard Estate as this area was owned by the Parish Council and as such need not be included in the Plan.

HS will edit the draft report and enhance the same with photographs.

6. Amended Draft Policies

Following discussions PM will update the draft policies and circulate. The draft policies document then needs to be completed together with preface, SM will prepare the preface. The completed document then needs to be loaded onto the website, a copy needs to be forwarded to the landowners/developers, various other bodies and a copy placed in local shops etc, this needstobedoneby 1stSeptember. PMwillpreparealistofpeople/bodiestoreceiveacopy of this. PM confirmed that where possible this could be forwarded by email.

7. Public Consultation

It was agreed that this event was a pre-Regulation 14 Consultation.

VW circulated a map of the school grounds together with suggested layout for the event.

SM stated that LNPG needs a comprehensive list of the charts together with measurements of the school hall in order to finalise the layout together with a summary of the equipment require.

VW raised the question of screening and the shortage of this. RG stated that the PC would authorise the supply of additional screening

SM will prepare the questionnaire to be completed by the public. RG will produce document on traffic and car parking.

RG stated that Justin Essex-Smith of LPC was producing a short video promoting the event which would be placed on Facebook.

8. Progress in relation to LNP
PM suggests the following draft timetable:

Regulation 14 should take place before the end of this year. Regulation 16 should take place in the middle of next year Inspection should take place about this time next year

9. AOB

It was noted and discussed that Mr John Bailey, since meeting with the LNPG on 22 February 2017, has refused further invitations to meet with LNPG and wishes to focus on, and gain approval for, his current planning application before widening discussions to encompass matters that relate to the NHP. It was agreed however that PM would write to him informing him of the upcoming Consultation and that LNPG would like to discuss LNP with him prior to the Consultation if at all possible.

10. Next Meeting: 22 August 2017 8.00 pm Lenham Community Centre Meeting closed: 10.40 pm

Neighbourhood Plan Group Meeting 15 August 2017
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