Neighbourhood Plan Group 6th February 2018 LPC General, LPC Meeting Minutes & Reports


PRESENT: S MacKenzie (Chairman Presiding), R Greenwood (Chairman LPC), A Walmsley, M Ballard, M Cockett, N Osborne, P Culver, J Hatcher, P McCreery


  1. No declarations were received in relation to conflicts of interest arising from the Agenda
  2. The MInutes of the previous meeting were accepted and signed off.
  3. Follow up on meetings with MBC:

    RG, MC, AA and PM to attend meeting with MBC at their offices on the 8th February to discuss proposed LNP Transportation Study and other LNPG matters. PM had circulated draft Brief concerning theStudy,anycommentsconcerningsametobeforwardedtoPMpriortomeeting. PM stated that the publication of the draft Regulation 14 LNP would be delayed due to the preparation of this Study which needs to be included in the Plan

    Infrastructure Delivery Meeting

    PM went through the Minutes he had prepared and circulated of the Infrastructure Delivery Meeting which had taken place on the 31st January (see separate Minutes of this meeting)

    PM to arrange meeting with Jones Homes to discuss infrastructure matters.

    RG stated that LPC had arranged a meeting with a surveyor to discuss the proposed sale of the William Pitt Field

    A reply to PM’s letter seeking clarification of their position is still awaited from Network Rail. PM to write to KCC to seek advice regarding this, Helen Whately to be sent copy of letter.


    A meeting to discuss this has been arranged for 8th February at Lenham.

    PM to speak with Countryside regarding updated Masterplan for land north of the railway and D Knight concerning Masterplan for south of the railway.

  4. Follow up correspondence with: MBC re Tanyard Farm
    Following recent correspondence this was on the Agenda for the meeting with MBC to take place on 8th February.


    MC confirmed that he has written to AECOM with LNPG comments on the draft Report of Assessment of Reasonable Alternatives for LNP. PM stated that he had written to AECOM with his comments under separate cover. A completed Scoping Report is still awaited from AECOM.

    KCC/Shellina Prendergast re Education

    PM to discuss expansion necessary for increased intake with KCC and Shellina Prendergast

    Helen Whately

    RG stated he was in contact with Helen Whately, a meeting to discuss matters with her would be arranged in due course.

  5. CIL/S106 document

    PM to discuss CIL update with MBC at forthcoming meeting

    MB collating relevant information to prepare document in relation to S106 payments from proposed developments.

  6. Correspondence with David Knight

    SM drew attention to the link sent in by D Knight concerning a study in relation to public transportation in Maidstone.

  7. AOB
    No matters arising.
  8. Next meeting – 7.45pm Wednesday 28th February 2018
    Meeting Closed – 10.00 pm
Neighbourhood Plan Group 6th February 2018
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