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Lenham Parish Council intend to publish the Regulation 16 Submission Draft Lenham Neighbourhood Plan in October 2019.   The Plan will contain a new policy for Local Green Space: Policy LGS1.  The proposed policy reads as follows:

Local Green Space: Policy LGS1

The following areas, as shown on the Lenham Local Policies Map, are identified as Local Green Space:

1.         the Cricket Ground;

2.         the allotments;

3.         the village pond and associated open land;

4.         the Bowling Green;

5.         Court Lodge Meadow.

Areas defined as Local Green Space will be given long-term protection and priority will be given to preserving their openness over other planning considerations.

The extent of the area being considered to be covered by the Local Green Space designation is shown on the draft version of the Lenham Local Policies Map which is also posted on this website.

Lenham Parish Council is consulting on this proposal and the consultation will run for four weeks from Saturday 17thAugust until Saturday 14thSeptember 2019. 

The Parish Council would be pleased to receive any comments on this proposal by midnight on Saturday 14thSeptember 2019.

Neighbourhood Plan Consultation
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