Neighbourhood Plan and Local Plan LPC Announcements

We feel it necessary for the avoidance of doubt to explain the difference between the Neighbourhood Plan & the Local Plan.

The Neighbourhood Plan is prepared by Lenham Parish Council with the help of the Lenham residents.

The Local Plan is prepared by Maidstone Borough Council.

The Maidstone Borough wide Local Plan is open for consultation until 30th October 2015.

The Local Plan is where Maidstone Borough Council has included their desire to see 1700 plus extra homes in Lenham parish.

The Lenham Parish Neighbourhood Plan is the development plan that the community of Lenham wants to see in their parish.

As a Parish Council it is important for us to comment on the Maidstone Borough Local Plan but also develop our own Neighbourhood Plan before we have NO other option.

Lenham Parish Council will be raising concerns and comments before the 30th October 2015 closing date but please tell the Borough council your views as well.

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Neighbourhood Plan and Local Plan
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