Minutes of Neighbourhood Plan Meeting 6th June 2017 Neighbourhood Plan 2018


PRESENT: S McKenzie (Chairman presiding), R Greenwood (Chairman Parish Council), A Walmsley, M Cockett, N Osborne, P Culver, P McCreery, J Hatcher

APOLOGIES: H. Shotter, V Woollven

1. Minutes of previous meeting were accepted and signed off by RG as SM (Chairman) was not present at the meeting on 6 June

2. Feedback from meeting with CEO of Invicta School. This meeting took place on the 6 June, the local head of The Lenham School was also in attendance with Mr Ashdown CEO of Invicta School.

Discussions took place at that meeting concerning the various options available with regards to the increase in pupil intake particularly with regards to primary and infant school age which will occur with the proposed new housing. They have indicated a wish to keep the lines of communications open and to discuss matters further with LNP

3. Communications with surgery . PM to make further contact with owners of the building.

4. Communications with Maidstone Borough Council. A further meeting had taken place with Sue Whiteside at MBC. At this meeting Sue Whiteside stated that she  was happy with the proposed allocations but Lenham Neighbourhood Plan needs to make sure of the position in relation to open spaces. There then followed much discussion as to how the required area of open space could be achieved. This point needs to be revisited in due course.

5. Moving forwards . PM stated that he considers the old LNP would be good grounds to use as a framework for the new Plan. MC to locate and forward to PM the e-mail received from Cheryl Parkes which contained MBC’s comments regarding the original Plan.

6. LNPG Constitution . MC stated that he had circulated amended wording to this on the 19 May. SM stated need to ensure that was actioned.

7. CIO Foundation. NO informed LNPG that the documentation had now been forwarded to the Charities Commission, once the documents had been approved by the Charities Commission the Trust could be proceeded with. There will be an article in July’s Focus inviting those who wished to be helpers, volunteers and anyone wanting to become a Trustee to a meeting at the Community Centre. LPC have agreed a loan to set the Trust up.

8. AOB

The question of the allotments was discussed and it was agreed that all the site would be shown in the Neighbourhood Plan as local green space and that the site was not considered suitable for housing.

9. Next Meeting 20 June 2017 MEETING CLOSED: 9.50 pm

Minutes of Neighbourhood Plan Meeting 6th June 2017
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