Minutes of Neighbourhood Plan Meeting 28th March 2017 LPC Meeting Minutes & Reports, Neighbourhood Plan 2018


PRESENT – S. McKenzie (Chairman Presiding), R. Greenwood (Chairman Parish Council), M Cockett, N. Osborne, A. Walmsley, V. Woollven, P. McCreery, J Hatcher

APOLOGIES – H. Shotter, P. Culver


Minutes of previous meeting – PM requested that the first paragraph of AOB be amended as per attached. JH to amend and forward to M McFarlane to download amended version to LPC website.


Electronic archive for LNPG documents . MC stated he had had conversation with Justin Smith-Essex of LPC, there was software available but this was very expensive. MC stated that he would be able to establish an electronic archive without use of the expensive software available. PM will let MC know which documents need placing in electronic archive. PM said he would contact MBC to try and ascertain how other Neighbourhood Plans had dealt with this issue.


Feedback from MBC . PM stated that he had received response from. Sue Whitehead which had made specific reference to Section 106 payments and CIL. PM also stated that following receipt of this letter LNPG needs to liaise further with Lenham Storage and then revert to MBC for further discussions .



A) Feedback from further discussions with infrastructure providers PM stated the need to arrange follow up meetings with developers/owners
B) Feedback from The Lenham School . RG is progressing this
C) Feedback from medical center. NO is in the process of setting up a meeting with owners of the building together with a representative of the practitioners.


Findings/suggestions from steering committee re setting up of a Trust. The steering committee, RG, NO, MC and VW, had circulated their findings and recommendations. Following much discussion it was agreed to proceed with a CIO Foundation Trust with the assistance of James Kent of Gill Turner & Tucker Solicitors and ChavereysasAccountants. It was agreed the four original Trustees should be NO, RG, MC and VW. A meeting is to be arranged with James Kent to obtain his further advice on this.


Items brought forward from previous meeting

A) Car parking policy for LPC RG stated LPC are arranging a meeting with MBC Car Parking Manager.
B) Car parking policy for LNPG PM will draft terms of reference for study on car parking and flow of traffic through Lenham Square
C) Flow of traffic through Lenham Square LPC dealing with this
D) Open spaces including recreational facilities This is an ongoing process


Presentation for LPC Annual Assembly This has been arranged by LPC for the 27 April. SM will conduct the presentation. SM confirmed to RG he is open to there being a question time following the presentation.


LNPG Constitution This needs to be clarified. RG confirmed that he will deal with this.


Additional parcel of land (K446498) put forward by Mrs Towers. It was agreed a meeting should be set up with the Towers family. SM to contact PM with dates of availability.


Proposed modifications to MBLP to be published on 31.3.2017. PM stated these proposed modifications followed the advice of the Inspector. These proposed modifications will go forward for a public consultation on 31 March until 19 May. Any representations on the proposed modifications would then be forwarded to the Inspector for his consideration.


AOB No matters arising


Date for next meeting 11th April 2017


Meeting closed: 10.20 pm

Minutes of Neighbourhood Plan Meeting 28th March 2017
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