Minutes of Lenham Neighbourhood Plan Meeting 16th March 2017 Neighbourhood Plan 2018

PRESENT – S MacKenzie (Chairman Presiding), R Greenwood (Chairman Parish Council), M Cockett, P Culver, N Osborne, A Walmsley, H Shotter, V Woollven, P McCreery, J Hatcher

1 Minutes of previous meeting agreed as true copy and signed off.

2. Electronic archive for LNPG documents

NO and MC would discuss setting up an electronic archive with Justin Smith-Essex of LPC, NO will arrange meeting. PM to prepare list of documents to be stored on electronic archive. It was agreed each document archived would have unique reference number for ease of reference and clarity.

3. Consultation Strategy and Consultation Bodies

NO confirmed that the list of Consultation Bodies was almost complete, there are still a few addresses to located. PM stated that there was no need to progress this further at present.

4. Feedback and Implications from Infrastructure Providers meeting on 13 March

PM had prepared draft letter to MBC following the meeting with infrastructure providers. Following discussions regarding infrastructure it was agreed that PM will consult further with the providers on his draft letter and will then prepare final letter.

It was agreed that LNPG should contact the necessary body in relation to The Lenham School (formerly Swadelands) concerning their stance on schools in Lenham. RG and NO will further this.

HS will consult with medical centre concerning their stance in relation to the growth in the population of Lenham. NO will provide HS will contact details.

5. Feedback and Implications of meeting with James Hunt on 13 March

Following much discussion on the matter of a Trust it was agreed a steering committee with NO, RG, MC and VW should look into this further and revert via email with their findings and suggestions for consideration by LNPG at the next meeting.

6. Feedback from communication with Barton Willmore

PM had made contact with Barton Willmore and was awaiting a response from them.

7. Specific discussion topics:
(a) Car parking policy for LPC
RG confirmed that this matter was being progressed by LPC

(b) Car parking policy for LNPG

It was agreed that LNP needs to set out what is required in this connection. Further discussions to take place on this matter

(c ) Flow of traffic through Lenham Square

Further discussions to take place on this matter

(d). Open spaces including recreational facilities
Due to time restraints this matter carried forward to next meeting

8. AOB

In relation to Section 106 contributions arising from two recent appeal decisions (Lenham Goods Yard and Ham Lane) PM stated LPC and LNPG should be aware that payments from developers were only available when applications actioned and requests for this money, with accompanying details, must be submitted or this money falls away.

PM confirmed that following a request to become involved in the Appeal by Wealden Homes he would be attending the Appeal.

Margo McFarlane had circulated details of LPC Annual Assembly which indicated there would be a presentation by LNPG. PM will give presentation if available, should PM not be available SM or RG will give presentation. This matter to be discussed further.

9. Action points/Next steps

  • NO/MC to discuss electronic archive with J Smith-Essex
  • PM to prepare list of documents to be stored in archive
  • PM to make further contact with infrastructure providers
  • RG/NO to make contact and discuss matters with The Lenham School
  • HS to make contact and discuss stance with Medical Center
  • Steering Committee to meet, discuss and provide feedback regarding setting up of Trust

10. Date for next meeting – 28 March 2017

Meeting closed – 10.40 pm

Minutes of Lenham Neighbourhood Plan Meeting 16th March 2017
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