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Dear Sirs following the planning committee meeting on the 17th February 2016

Lenham Parish Council wish the following responses to be considered.


16/500374/FULL                 The Forstal Mount Castle Lane Lenham Heath ME17 2JB

2nd February                         Demolition of existing buildings and erection of 6 residential dwellings, together with associated access, parking, drainage works and landscaping.

We have no objections and wish to see approved.


16/500503/FULL                 Honywood Farm West Street Lenham ME17 2EP

29th January                         Listed Building Consent for retention of some external changes to modern rear extension, removal of patio doors, changes to roof and cladding (Works completed)

(Revised Scheme to 15/505936/LBC)

We have no comments.


15/508757/FULL                 St Marys Cottage the Square Lenham ME17 2PH

2nd February                         Change of use from part bank and part residential to solicitor’s office with associated parking.

We have no objections.


16/500040/FULL                 36 Robins Avenue Lenham ME17 2HP

5th February                         Single storey front extension to entrance hallway; single storey front and rear extension of existing garage; extension to existing conservatory and alteration to conservatory roofline.

We have no comments.


14/505125/FULL                 Lenham Ironmongers Ltd. 8 Faversham Road Lenham ME17 2PN

10th February                       Proposed new detached building to accommodate three air condition units.

To be discussed further on the 29th February.


14/0174                                Land East of Glebe Gardens Old Ashford Road Lenham

12th February                       Outline application for the erection of 8 houses with access to be considered at this stage and all other matters reserved for future consideration.

To be discussed further on the 29th February

MBC Planning Responses
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