April 2014 Full Council Meeting Minutes LPC Meeting Minutes & Reports


Cllr. N Godfrey, Chairman presiding.
Cllrs. A Barr, F Bradshaw, E Drylie, C Gillett, R Greenwood, S Knowles, J Osborn, N Willis and I Younger.
PCSO D Rowley, Martin Sherwood Community Warden.
Cllr. Michael Thompson representing Harrietsham Parish Council
3 Members of the public.


Public participation

A presentation by Kingsley Hughes from Designscape concerning the guidance available to complete the Neighbourhood Plan outlined the correct procedures, the costs involved and the funding options. Cllrs. agreed a specification would be produced and sent out for tender.

Mr. George reported the light 0013 on the footpath between Old Ashford Road and Groom Way was not working.

PCSO Rowley presented the crime figures; eight in total March. He confirmed the Home Safety event will be on Saturday 3rd May at the Community Centre. Cllrs. raised concerns about on-going damage to equipment at the MBX Park.

Martin Sherwood will liaise with Cllr. Greenwood concerning continuing dog fouling issues throughout the parish, particularly in the churchyard.


Report from County Cllr Whittle

Apologies from Cllr. Whittle who submitted a brief written report concerning the expected data results from the recently undertaken traffic survey for the A20. Repairs to the boundary fence at Swadelands are being discussed.

The Chairman opened the meeting at 8.10pm and welcomed Cllr. Thompson from Harrietsham Parish Council.


Apologies for absence 

Cllr. M Jackson (work commitment) B Cllr. Barned (recuperating)


Disclosures and confidential items on the agenda 

No disclosures or confidential items on the agenda.


Approval of minutes 

The minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on the 5th March 2014 were confirmed as a true record and it was RESOLVED that they be approved and adopted.


Matters arising 


Planning Committee vacancy/chairmanship. Cllr. Godfrey requested consideration be given to joining the planning committee which at present has a rotating chairmanship.

KHs reports have been made concerning lighting and fence repairs.

Cllr. Greenwood with seek quotes for the erection of the cemetery entrance fencing.

The web-site development is progressing well.

A meeting to discuss the Glebe pond improvements has been organized for 7th April.


Reports & Committees / Spokespersons 

A. Finance & General Purposes – Report by Cllr. Godfrey

The fence for the cemetery entrance is ready for delivery once quotes for installation have been received and agreed.

The options for the solar panels at the Community Centre will be discussed once the specifications have been agreed.

It was RESOLVED that the recommendations contained in the report of the meeting on the 19th March 2014 be approved and adopted.


B. Planning & Neighbourhood Plan – Report by Cllr. Gillett

As the delegation of residents from Glebe Gardens had raised concerns post allotted date for consultation, Cllrs. stand by original approval recommendation.

The development of the United Reform Church site was discussed and it was agreed that objections raised by parishioners and Lenham Cricket Club members were taken into consideration and the recommendation of refusal of the application be submitted to MBC planning department.

Cllr. Gillett thanked Cllr. Huggens (recently resigned) for all the hard work he had undertaken during his time as Chairman of the planning committee.


C. Groom Way Development – Report by Cllr. Osborn

The proposals for three units of Local Needs housing are progressing and a full public consultation will be undertaken by the developers.

Cllr. Barr wished to state that the Cricket field was not for sale.

Cllr. Gillett suggested revisiting future plans for the Neighbourhood Plan following the MBC public consultation on the 16th April.

It was RESOLVED that the recommendations contained in the reports of the meetings on 19th & 31st March 2014 be approved and adopted.


D. Highways & Transportation – Report by Cllr. Godfrey

Cllr. Jackson submitted a written report covering the progress of the Faversham Road junction petition. Recent flooding on Old Ashford Road and disabled access problems were also raised.


E. Law & Order – Report by Cllr. Godfrey

Cllr. Godfrey proposed and Cllr. Gillett seconded and it was RESOLVED to send a thank you card to B & J Llong for their commitment to the Speed watch initiative.


F. Website Development – Report by Cllr. Drylie

Cllr. Drylie requested feedback from fellow Cllrs. to ascertain how easy the new site is to use. The site had early stage contents uploaded and needed more articles, event advertising, diary dates and local information were required.


G. Environment – Reports


Following the refusal to complete the full allocated areas of grounds maintenance, it was agreed the contract with S Burchett was void . Cllr. Gillett proposed and Cllr. Willis seconded and it was RESOLVED to approach two companies (subject to best value) who had previously tendered, to take the work over short term.


Reports from outside meetings 

Cllr. Godfrey reported on the Harrietsham Parish Council meeting he attended on behalf of LPC on Wednesday 26th March.

Cllr. Barr reported on a meeting of the Maidstone Economic Partnership organized by MBC. This meeting was an opportunity for local businesses to speak with MBC and highlight concerns of a skills shortage and lack of opportunities for apprentices.


KALC / Rural Kent 


The letter concerning the MBC Local Plan from Coxheath PC has been sent to MBC.



Kent County Council WCs supplies 4309 63.06

KALC annual membership 4310 1093.39

South East Water WCs supply 4311 118.08

South East Water Cemetery supply 4312 10.80

M McFarlane computer backup & paper 4313 83.02

M McFarlane Petty Cash 4314 50.00

S Burchett grounds maintenance 4315 261.60


Salaries & expenses detailed as Appendix A and filed with a signed copy of these minutes.

DD Scottish Power WCS electricity 14.00

DD EDF Energy pop up power 10.00

DD EDF Energy Street lighting 122.69


No monies received.



Enforcement issues at Runham Lane are not resolved. MBC to be reminded of time scales of action to be undertaken.

The Annual Assembly of the LPC will take place 24th April at 7.00pm in the Community Centre. The Clerk requested Cllrs. prepare their reports.

The Finance and General Purposes committee will discuss committee formation and chairmanship roles at the next meeting on April 16th for recommendation and consideration at the May LPC meeting.

Cllr. Greenwood made his apologies for the meeting to be held on May 7th.
The meeting closed at 9.35pm


April 2014 Full Council Meeting Minutes
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