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This month the dog bins removed by Maidstone Borough Council will be replaced by Lenham Parish Council.  The bins have been jet-washed and now display the new LPC logo.

Extra bins are being placed at Sandway, Platts Heath and Lenham Heath as previously the hamlets did not have dog bin facilities.

Whilst Maidstone Borough Council have specified any litter bin can now be used for dog bag disposal the Parish Council would prefer the designated dog bins are used as first option.

The bins will be emptied weekly by the parish council litter picker who does an excellent job of helping to keep the parish tidy, however, if you see a bin needs to be emptied, please inform the Clerk.

Cllrs. Scrivens and Smith-Essex organised the refurbishment of the bins, Cllr. Ballard ensured bins were returned to original positions, and the village handyman reinstated the bins, thank you to all those involved in ensuring the village did not lose a vital facility.

Whilst most dog walkers ensure they clear up after their dog, there are still a small minority who fail to abide by the law and clear up after their pet.  If you see any issues relating to non-compliance please inform Maidstone Borough Council or the Community Warden.

To those dog walkers who have offered to help sponsor the cost of the bins any donations can be sent to the Clerk, we appreciate your support in our efforts to keep Lenham a well-kept environment.



If you are considering submitting a planning application to Maidstone Borough Council planning department the LPC planning committee are always interested to discuss any queries you may have as early in the application process as possible.

It would also be advantageous to be copied into any comments you may submit concerning applications in your immediate vicinity.  Neighbour opinions are important and it would help the planning committee in their decision-making process, if they are aware of all comments before submitting the LPC opinion to the planning department.  The planning committee meet on the Monday before the full monthly parish meeting (usually the first Monday) and the third Wednesday following the Finance and General Purposes Committee meeting in the Appleton Room at the Community Centre from 7.30pm.




Following the appointment of Mr. Paul McCreery FRTPI of PMC Planning to act for the Parish Council and working with the Neighbourhood Plan Group, the Council wishes to record that following the failure to comply to Regulation 14 submission and subsequent emerging Maidstone Local Plan Examination, which confirmed that in Lenham there will be planning permission for 1000 houses plus the already granted 400+ houses, (the 1000 houses will be in the planning period 2021 – 2031) discussions will take place with all parties concerning the infrastructure to make sure that the appropriate services are in place.

The Neighbourhood Plan Group will be the leaders in developing our updated Lenham Neighbourhood Plan 2017 working with the Parish Council and the landowners and their representatives, to make sure that Lenham is developed as a prosperous and vibrant village community.

The minutes of the Neighbourhood Plan Group will be uploaded on the Lenham Parish web-site

and a regular Focus article will keep parishioners informed of progress.



Improvements to the Faversham Road/A20 junction are being undertaken by KCC Highways.

The works follow a prolonged engagement with KCC & Cllr. J Whittle, Borough Cllrs. J & T Sams and Cllr. Scrivens who is the Highways representative for Lenham Parish Council.

The improvements are vital as there will be more traffic joining the A20 from the development to the rear of Grovelands in the paddock of twenty plus dwellings.

Locally the junction has long been considered hazardous and several accidents confirm the dangers of the crossing, hence the funding for the upgrade.  A sign will be placed at the head of Faversham Road with weight restrictions to discourage large heavy goods vehicles from entering the Square.  The increased traffic flow throughout the village and the lack of parking facilities are proving a real issue.  Cllrs. Greenwood, Walmsley, Michaelas and Smith-Essex are forming a working party to consider parking surveys and traffic movements and meet with Highways officials to discuss options.



We would like to clean the iconic cross above the village and are appealing for volunteers to join us to spring clean the chalk.  It will probably be a Saturday morning in mid-April.

If you can spare an hour of your time and would like to help rejuvenate a very important land mark, Cllr. Osborne is leading the operation, please send your contact details to the Clerk.

March Focus Article
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