LPC Minutes February 16 LPC Meeting Minutes & Reports




PRESENT        Cllr. R Greenwood, Chairman presiding.

Cllrs. M Ballard, P Culver, M Jerrett, K Lapwood,

J Nye, N Osborne, P Scrivens, & H Shotter.

M McFarlane (Clerk) Community Warden M Sherwood.

Cllr. J Sams representing Harrietsham Parish Council.

4 Members of the public.



A resident asked if there would be any representation from the LPC at the meeting on February 11th at Maidstone Studios to discuss the Regulation 19 MBC Local Plan?  Cllr. Sams encouraged attendance at the presentation by both Cllrs. and parishioners.  Cllr. Shotter outlined the advantage of responding to the MBC consultation, which is running concurrently with the Regulation 14 of the Lenham Neighbourhood Plan.

The resident also requested an update on the provision of speed indicators.  Cllr. Walmsley

reported on research undertaken thus far, pointing out the options between static and mobile units.

The practicalities of siting the units and choice of sites will be discussed at the F & GP meeting.


The Community Warden reported on recent scams, which covered medical equipment sales, nuisance phone calls and blue badge charges; all of which were fraudulent contacts.

The Consumer Advice Line and Citizens Advice can offer assistance and information.

Bearsted now has a new warden, therefore Mr. Sherwood will have more time to devote to duties in Lenham and Harrietsham.


The Chairman opened the meeting at 7.46pm and welcomed Cllr. J Sams representing Harrietsham Parish Council.

The Chairman requested notification to the council if anyone intends to film, photograph, or record any items.  Members of the public should not be filmed.  No notifications received.


15/89                APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE

The Council accepted the reason for apology for absence from:

Cllr. M Cockett (recuperating) County Cllr. J Whittle (family commitment)


15/90                DECLARATIONS

Declarations of changes to the Register of Interests.  None were declared.

Declarations of Interest on Agenda items. Cllr. N Osborne declared an interest in agenda item 15/93A Community Centre Trust Deed, as he is Chairman of the Community Trustees Board.

Requests for dispensations.  No requests.


15/91                CO-OPTION TO COUNCIL

The Clerk outlined the need for two more councillors, who should preferably be from the south ward of the parish.  At present there are ten Cllrs. from the north ward and only one from the south ward.  It would be advantageous to have representatives from Sandway or Lenham Heath.


15/92                MINUTES

The minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on the 6th January 2016 were confirmed as a true record and it was RESOLVED that they be approved and adopted, subject to an amendment.  The agenda item 15/83A Community Centre Trust Deed should have been a definitive and clear agenda item in its own right, as a substantial item and not under the heading Matters Arising, which is an information item.  Decisions should not be made under the agenda heading Matters Arising.


15/93                MATTERS ARISING

Cllr. Greenwood reported that Swadelands school were aware of the overgrown hedges between the school field and Cherry Close.  Budget restrictions and staff shortages are holding non-urgent/emergency maintenance and repairs up at the moment. The situation will be reviewed.

 The Clerk reported the repairs to the gent’s WCs are being undertaken as emergency repairs.


15/94                COMMUNITY CENTRE TRUST DEED

The Clerk has prepared an information pack for each Cllr. with the advice from the LPC solicitor and LCC solicitor for comparison purposes concerning the proposed transfer of land deeds on which the Community Centre building sits.

Cllr. Greenwood proposed a vote to decide on the issue be taken at the March meeting, Cllr. Jerrett seconded and it was RESOLVED to take a vote on the land transfer at the March meeting.



A                      Finance & General Purposes.    Report by Cllr. Greenwood 

Budget meeting report.  Cllr. Greenwood outlined the details in the report which included proposed spending on identified projects. The recommendation for maintaining the current Band D precept charge, which would mean there would be no change in the parish element of the council tax for each resident was proposed by Cllr. Osborne, Cllr. Jerrett seconded and it was RESOLVED to raise a precept of £57,232.93 from the tax base which is a band D charge of £40.89.  The Chairman and Clerk signed the Local Government Finance Act 1992 Parish Precept Requirement 2016/2017 document on behalf of LPC for submission to MBC.

Cllr. Nye reported on the progress of the WCs refurbishment project. A site meeting with MBC building maintenance surveyors to discuss upgrading the facilities and offering the provision of a toilet for disabled persons has been undertaken.  The next step is to meet with an architect on site at 3.30pm on 4th February to discuss a design which is best use of the space, in order to submit to MBC for their consideration and agreement. Once a schedule of works has been produced three quotes will be sought and presented to members.

The request for Mr. W Peter to continue as a trustee on the Douglas Almshouse Charity was agreed unanimously.  The LPC wish to thank Mr. Peter for his continued support.

Hedges in Dickley Lane opposite the garage have all been cutback and the area litter picked.

The new bin for the Maidstone Road car park has been collected by the contractors ready for installation.  Cllr. Scrivens will oversee the project.


B                      Planning & Neighbourhood Plan.  Report by Cllr. Jerrett

The reports of the 9th & 20th January were read through, no questions submitted.

Cllr. Jerrett thanked all those involved in producing the Neighbourhood Plan, which had involved a massive effort and considerable input from the community.

The regulation 14 consultation will be undertaken from February 8th to March 24th.

Cllr. Shotter stressed the importance of submitting comments during the consultation period.

Cllr. Ballard will apply for £3000 funding towards the NHP costs.

A public consultation concerning proposed development at Tanyard’s Farm Old Ashford Road will take place on the 16th February.

It was RESOLVED that the recommendations contained in the reports of the meetings on 9th & 20th January, 1st February 2016 be approved and adopted.


Planning update:  Cllr. Greenwood reported on the negotiations between the Lenham Cricket Club and the developers of the United Reform Church site.  The safety netting will be 8mtrs. high and run along the boundary between the development and the cricket ground.  It will remain in situ during the cricket season.  A management company will take responsibility for the operation of the net.  Further investigations concerning the possibility of burial remains on the site will take place.


C                      Highways & Transportation.   Report by Cllr. Scrivens

The Maidstone Road car park improvements are progressing well.  The area has new flood lights and is now regularly litter picked, the provision of a bin will enhance the area.

The meeting on the 11th January with J Whittle and Cllrs. from Boughton Malherbe PC, discussed the possibility of positioning three unsuitable for HGV signs along the A20, subject to investigation of associated costs.

Cllr. Scrivens is monitoring the Sandway crossroads improvements and the Faversham Road junction upgrade which are ongoing programmes of works.

Cllr. Culver reported safety issues concerning the poor visibility of the faded road markings outside the Lenham Primary School and requested they be repainted.


D                      Law & Order.  CCTV                       Report by Cllr. Culver

Once agreement is reached concerning the use of the church tower for installation of equipment and subject to the agreement of the associated costs to install a new CCTV system, works can progress.


E                      Web-site Development          Report by Cllr. Culver

Cllr. Culver proposed and Cllr Jerrett seconded and it was RESOLVED to accept the Falcon Service Level Agreement for the web-site at a cost of £50 per month.

Cllr. Shotter requested an article about the Regulation 14 consultation be uploaded on the web-site.  Cllr. Sams confirmed a leaflet will be distributed throughout the parish concerning the response to MBC Regulation 19 consultation, which would clearly state the differences between the Neighbourhood Plan (LPC) Regulation 14 and Local Plan (MBC) Regulation 19, which are running during February and March.


F                      Environment & Projects                                  Reports

Cllr. Shotter reported on the works undertaken by the Community Pay Back Team, at the Cherry Downs picnic site. The site is much improved following vegetation cut back and clearing.

Cllr. Shotter proposed and Cllr. Greenwood seconded and it was RESOLVED to accept the quote for rabbit proof fencing at the cemetery from R James Fencing contractors.

 Cllrs. Greenwood and Shotter will meet and list outstanding minor repairs for both the above sites.

A quote will be sought to remove a fallen tree across the path at Glebe pond.

Cllrs. Shotter and Walmsley with work on the project to upgrade the play facilities at Ham Lane and Cherry Close.  Cllr. Culver has information about skate ramp options for William Pitt field.


Environment and Projects continued:

Cllr. Nye reported on ideas to market Lenham as a tourist destination.  The possibility of updating the Walks in Lenham leaflet and contacting tourism web-sites to see if Lenham could be included on such sites.  Local magazines will also be contacted to see if Lenham could be a feature article. Cllr. Nye will report at the F & GP meeting.



11th January MBC The Square.  The report from MBC will be forwarded to Cllrs. for discussion at the F & GP meeting on the 17th February.

11th January Jenny Whittle & Boughton Malherbe PC meeting, details reported under Highways by Cllr. Scrivens.

Cllr. Greenwood reported on his attendance at the Harrietsham Parish Council meeting on

27th January. Unfortunately, the HPC chairman has resigned so a position is available on the council.  Several community events are being planned including the popular ‘Big Lunch’ celebration and events celebrating the Queen’s 90th birthday.


15/97                    KALC/RURAL KENT/CPRE

Cllrs. Greenwood and Shotter will attend the next Area Committee meeting of KALC.

Cllr. Greenwood will attend the Chairmanship Conference on 26th February.

Cllrs. Jerrett and Osborne will attend the KALC Planning Conference on 7th March.


15/98                ACCOUNTS

Cheques for consideration and payment 3rd February 2016

Paul Waring environment works Sept/Nov/Dec 15                4567            1,574.68

Mr. R Greenwood.  Solicitor meeting expenses                      4568                68.75

KCC.  WCs supplies. Traffic cones.                                       4569               225.10

Wellers Law Group.  Trust deed advice                                 4570            2,241.60

Glasdon UK Ltd. Car park litter bin                                        4571               484.64

Lotus Print Ltd.  NHP Reg.14 flyers                                      4572               140.00

Focus Magazine annual advertisement                                    4573               226.80

Designscape NHP works December15/January 16                4574            4,228.00

Medash Banners NHP Reg. 14                                               4575               180.00

Jen Contractors. January works                                              4576               660.00

Made by Falcon Ltd.  Web-site services                                 4577                50.00

Loxton Installations Ltd.  Car park flood lights                       4578             1628.40


Salaries & expenses detailed as Appendix A and filed with a signed copy of these minutes.


Monies received

Groundwork UK. NHP funding                                                                 4,995.00

Cllr. Sams will forward an updated schedule of S106 monies for Lenham.


15/99                CORRESPONDENCE

A letter from a parishioner concerning the Community Centre will be circulated for Cllrs. consideration.

The meeting closed at 9.52pm





LPC Minutes February 16
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