LPC Meeting Report 2nd March 2016 LPC Meeting Minutes & Reports




PRESENT        Cllr. R Greenwood, Chairman presiding.

Cllrs. M Ballard, P Culver, M Jerrett,

J Nye, N Osborne, P Scrivens, & H Shotter.

M McFarlane (Clerk) Community Warden M Sherwood. PCSO J Boyd.

Cllr. E Powell representing Harrietsham Parish Council.

22 Members of the public.

(Please note an amendment to add Cllrs. M Cockett & A Walmsley to the list of members present.)



The Community Warden highlighted the importance of ensuring all outside sheds and workshops are adequately

secured.  He reported on a series of ‘The Wrinkly Roadshows’ which are advertised locally.

PCSO Boyd read the recent crime figures and warned of rogue traders operating in the local area.


A Lenham resident requested the support of the LPC to transfer from LPC to LCC trustees the 999-year lease undertaken in 2003, on the Community Centre building and land, as defined in red on the land transfer documents attached to the lease documents. A fellow resident requested the transfer be undertaken as soon as possible.  The Chairman confirmed the issue was an agenda item and would be agreed upon this evening. All were in agreement the Community Centre was a vital village asset, a well-run, and much used facility for all the parishioners to enjoy.

A parishioner enquired about the progress being made to provide a speed indicator device.  Cllr. Walmsley confirmed choices of units and quotes for purchasing & installation will be discussed this evening.

A resident asked for an update on the repair of street lighting on the footpath between Old Ashford Road and the Community Centre site.  Cllr. Scrivens confirmed KCC had been informed and repair requested through the correct channels for reporting such issues.  If the repair is not undertaken within the next month a letter will be sent to the appropriate department outlining the ongoing problems with the lighting columns.

The Chairman opened the meeting at 7.42pm and welcomed Cllr. E Powell representing Harrietsham Parish Council.

The Chairman requested notification to the council if anyone intends to film, photograph, or record any items.  Members of the public should not be filmed.  No notifications received.


15/100               APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE

The Council accepted the reason for apology for absence from:

Cllr. K Lapwood (unwell) County Cllr. J Whittle (JPG Meeting)

  1. Cllrs. J & T Sams (Borough meeting)


15/101               DECLARATIONS

Declarations of changes to the Register of Interests.  None were declared.

Declarations of Interest on Agenda items.  Cllr. N Osborne declared an interest in 15/102 as Chairman of the Community Centre trustees.

Requests for dispensations.  Cllr. N Osborne requested a dispensation for any business concerning the Lenham Community Centre, the dispensation to participate, speak and vote at any LPC meeting or LPC Committee meetings as of 1st March 2016 to 7th May 2019, the dispensation is requested as it is considered to be in the wider interests of the public.

Cllrs. voted seven for and two against the dispensation.  The dispensation was granted.


15/102               COMMUNITY CENTRE TRUST DEED.

Cllr. Osborne read out a historical report of how the disputed 2003 lease was drawn up.

He requested the misunderstanding was rectified and the issue resolved by the transfer of the lease to the LCC trustees, as was intended in the original 1960 lease.

Cllr. Greenwood outlined the conflict of interest issue as defined by the specialist acting solicitors on behalf of LPC and LCC, the papers from which have previously been circulated to Cllrs. for their consideration.

If the proposed CIO (Charity Incorporated Organisation) is entered into, the objects of the charity would retain charitable status and used for the benefit of the parishioners of Lenham.

The LPC fully support the proposed CIO.

Cllr. Walmsley voiced concerns relating to the long term safeguarding of the asset and future running of the centre should problems arise with trustees, or indeed LPC.   Cllr. Greenwood confirmed the asset could not be taken by MBC, who would only have a caretaking role, should the LPC run into difficulties.

Cllr. Culver & Jerrett raised the issue of separating the car park from the building on the land registry, which in their opinion, was not an option.

Cllr. Greenwood read out the following motion for consideration;

“Lenham Parish Council will transfer the freehold, in its entirety, of the Lenham Community Centre, to the trustees of the Lenham Parish Hall Committee, subject to agreement of appropriate terms.”

The motion was proposed by Cllr. Greenwood, seconded by Cllr. Jerrett and it was RESOLVED by a vote of seven for and three against to transfer the lease as per the motion above.

Cllr. Jerrett proposed, Cllr. Scrivens seconded and it was RESOLVED to authorize the Clerk to negotiate the terms of the transfer having regard to the advice of the Council’s solicitors and the taking of professional valuation advice, and such terms shall include the appropriate consideration, covenants restricting the use of the land, arrangements for third party use of the car park and the payment by the transferee of the Council’s legal and surveyor’s costs and disbursements.

Cllrs. Ballard and Jerrett will work with the Clerk and the trustees of the Community Centre.


15/103               MINUTES

Cllr. Jerrett proposed, Cllr. Culver seconded and it was RESOLVED that minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on the 3rd February 2016 were a true record and were approved and adopted.



15/104               MATTERS ARISING (For information purposes only)

Additional agenda headings under Reports & Committees/Spokespersons will include Tourism report by Cllr. J Nye. Play Park Facilities report by Cllr. A Walmsley, WC improvements report

by Cllr. J Nye.



A                      Finance & General Purposes.    Report by Cllr. Greenwood 

Cllr. Greenwood read through the minutes, he reported that Maidstone Road car park has been white lined and the new litter bin will be installed Friday 4th March.

Cllr. Jerrett proposed, Cllr. Shotter seconded and it was RESOLVED that the recommendations contained in the report of the meeting on the 17th February be approved and adopted.


Planning & Neighbourhood Plan.  Report by Cllr. Jerrett

Cllr. Jerrett reported on the meeting on the 29th February where thirty plus parishioners attended to discuss concerns about the future of the Glebe pond, if the proposed development on land east of Glebe Gardens gains approval.  Cllr. Shotter will produce on behalf of the LPC, objections to the application 14/0174.


Neighbourhood Plan

Cllr. Jerrett reported on the meeting with MBC on March 1st.  Cllrs. declined the suggestion of a Stakeholder meeting to discuss broad locations on March 18th during the NHP Regulation 14 consultation.   Copies of the HIVE reports will be sent to MBC attendees.  An alternative meeting date during April or September will be suggested by MBC.


Cllr. Cockett suggested maximizing the number of objections from parishioners to MBC Local Plan Regulation 19. Save Lenham will organise a stall at the Sunday Market on the 13th March to collect responses for submission to MBC.


Cllr. Greenwood proposed, Cllr. Jerrett seconded and it was RESOLVED to pay Designscape Consultancy the hourly rate of £75 for K Hughes and £45 for D Parfitt, up to £1000 to help consolidate the LPC objections to the Reg. 19 MBC Local Plan consultation.

Cllr. Jerrett proposed, Cllr. Shotter seconded and it was RESOLVED that the recommendations contained in the reports of the meetings on the 17th & 29th February 2016 be approved and adopted.


C                      Highways & Transportation.   Report by Cllr. Scrivens

Cllr. Scrivens circulated information sheets concerning Finger Posts and Finials which would offer uniformity of signage in The Square.  Options will be discussed at the F & GP meeting following more research.

A quote for the repair to the planter outside the Library will be discussed at F & GP.

Cllr. Walmsley presented prices for both mobile and static speed watch units.  KCC will need to grant permission for the placement of the units.  Cllr. Greenwood proposed, Cllr. Ballard seconded and it was RESOLVED to finalize details for position and installation of a unit at the next F & GP meeting.


D                      Law & Order.  CCTV                       Report by Cllr. Culver

Cllr. Culver presented a concise report of the three options and corresponding quotes to provide a new CCTV system in the village.  Cllr. Culver proposed, Cllr. Greenwood seconded and it was RESOLVED to install the system from Amiga Fire Security Ltd, which is the most cost effective solution.



CCTV continued:

Cllr. Culver will work with Cllr. Osborne to investigate the positioning of CCTV equipment at the Community Centre, subject to trustee’s agreement.


E                      Web-site Development          Report by Cllr. Culver

Made by Falcon web-master will be attending the F & GP meeting to discuss upgrading the LPC web-site.


F                      Environment & Projects                                  Reports

Cllrs. Greenwood and Shotter will have a site meeting with Mr. Barr to decide on outstanding works at the picnic site and cemetery.  The Community pay back team have carried out extensive clearing and improvement works at both sites.

Cllr. Walmsley will obtain quotes for minor repairs to equipment at the Ham Lane play area.

The annual risk assessment has recently been undertaken which highlighted some maintenance works, the report covered Ham Lane, Cherry Close and William Pitt field.

Cllr. Nye presented a quote from an architect to redesign and refurbish the WCs.  Alternative quotes will be sought for comparison and discussion at the next F & GP meeting.

Cllr. Nye has researched Web-site opportunities to promote the village as a tourist destination and the availability of being included on established tourist destination sites.


15/106               REPORTS FROM OUTSIDE MEETINGS         No reports presented.


15/107                  KALC/RURAL KENT/CPRE

Cllrs. Greenwood and Shotter attended the Maidstone area KALC meeting on 24th February.

The Local Plan Working Group may request funding from parishes to appoint independent consultants to assist responding to consultations.


15/108               ACCOUNTS

                        Cheques for consideration and payment 2nd March 2016

Lotus Print Ltd.  NHP Reg.14                                                4581               980.60

KALC training                                                                        4582                 80.00

BT Office telephone/broadband                                              4583               188.29

OCS Group WCs duty of care                                                4584                 33.70

The Play Inspection Company                                    4585               225.00

Jen Contractors. January works                                              4586               660.00

Wellers Headley Law Group                                                   4587               460.80

M McFarlane Petty Cash                                                        4588               115.48

KM advertisement Reg 14 NHP                                             4589               144.00

Northern Road Markings car park relining                             4590             1050.00

Salaries & expenses detailed as Appendix A and filed with a signed copy of these minutes.


15/109               CORRESPONDENCE

No correspondence received.


The Chairman closed the meeting with a brief statement concerning the conclusion of the transfer of the Lease from LPC to LCC and was gratified that the issue can be resolved working together for the benefit of the parishioners.

The meeting closed at 9.57pm

LPC Meeting Report 2nd March 2016
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