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PRESENT   Cllr.R Greenwood, Chairman presiding.

Cllrs. J Britt, M Cockett, P Culver, C Huggens, N Osborne, A Ratcliffe, & A Walmsley.

Cllr. G Dean representing Harrietsham Parish Council. Mrs. M McFarlane (Clerk & RFO)

5 Members of the public.


PUBLIC PARTICIPATION                                                                                                     (7.30pm – 7.50pm)

The Community Warden highlighted the activities of rogue traders operating in the parish and requested that residents note the time and date of any suspicious activity and report immediately on 101 or crime stoppers 0800 555111. Reports can be made anonymously. Cllrs. reported an anti-social behaviour incident at Douglas Court, the warden will visit the affected resident.


Cllrs. T & J Sams reported ongoing maintenance issues concerning the boundary fence between Lenham School and the Cherry Close estate. There are concerns relating to the recent flooding in Old Ashford Road, which was exasperated by the lack of regular drain clearing, discussions are taking place with KCC Highways. Parking on Old Ashford Road close to the Square continues to cause problems, Cllrs. suggested awaiting the transportation survey results. A quote will be submitted to the Harrietsham and Lenham councils to decide on the viability of the continued use of the Speedwatch equipment. Investigations are being undertaken concerning the placement of planters at the entrances to Platts Heath and the possibility of a defibrillator unit being installed at St Edmund’s centre. Inconsiderate parking on Faversham Road is blocking the sight lines for residents exiting Atwater Court (nearest the Square) A planning application has been withdrawn for a proposed new dwelling in Rose Lane Lenham Heath.


A resident reported five street lamps not working in Cherry Close, the identification numbers were given to the Clerk for reporting to KCC highways.


A parishioner expressed an interest in becoming a member of the council. He outlined his previous experience in planning, communications, social media, and environmental protection issues. Cllrs. invited the applicant to attend the July meeting for co-option.


The Chairman welcomed Cllr. Dean from HPC and thanked the members of the public for attending, he then

opened the meeting at 8pm.


18/23     APOLOGIES

The Council accepted the apologies for absence from:

Cllrs. M Ballard, S Knowles, M Michaelas, P Scrivens and County Cllr. S Prendergast.



Declarations to changes to the Register of Interests.  No declarations received.

Declarations of Interest on Agenda items.  No declarations received.

Requests for dispensations.  No requests received.



The Chairman requested notification of intention to film, photograph or record any items.

No notification received.



Cllr. Britt proposed, Cllr. Huggens seconded, and it was RESOLVED that the minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday 2ndMay 2018 are a true record and were approved and adopted.


18/27     PROGRESS OF RESOLUTIONS(For information purposes only)

No progress of resolutions to report.



Following the resignation of Mr. J Smith-Essex a vacancy for co-option to join the council has been advertised on the notice boards and web-site. The council wish to thank Mr Smith-Essex for his work with communications, web-site, Face book and design of the LPC logo, also his generous donation of LPC meeting banners.



Cllr. Cockett gave a brief history of the pond thus far. He reported on the meeting with Penenden Heath Developers, at which the scope and schedule of proposed improvements to the pond were discussed.  It was suggested in principle that if the LPC agreed, the land transfer would be made directly to Lenham Meadows Trust. Issues such as future maintenance schedules and costs will be negotiated by the LMT solicitor.

Cllr. Ballard submitted by e-mail, his agreement of the land transfer to Lenham Meadows Trust and requested that if the transfer to LMT was agreed, the transfer should include the condition of LPC being permitted to have the option, of providing a parking lay-by on the north side of the pond adjacent to Old Ashford Road.  Cllr. Ballard’s request was recorded and following discussions it was agreed not to include the condition in the transfer.  Cllr. Walmsley proposed, Cllr. Ratcliffe seconded and it was RESOLVED to transfer the Glebe pond area to the LMT. The pond will be fenced off during the improvement works.



Meetings with land owners and developers are progressing. The results of the transport survey and environmental assessment will be included in the draft Regulation 14 in readiness for public consultation.



Cllr. Osborne proposed, Cllr. Cockett seconded, and it was RESOLVED that the recommendations contained in the report of the meeting of the 16thMay 2018 be approved and adopted.



Cllr. Walmsley reported that more information was needed concerning the removal of used water from the proposed car wash site in Old Ashford Road, the recent flooding issues highlighted the concerns for future contamination of the near by river. LPC have called the application into planning committee.

Cllr. Ratcliffe reported on poor quality and incorrect information being presented to MBC planning committee members, which was unacceptable. Cllr. Walmsley recommended the issue be initially discussed with County Cllr. Prendergast.  Cllr. Greenwood suggested Borough Cllrs. J & T Sams be included in correspondence officially recording our concerns.  Cllr. Dean reported that HPC planning committee regularly email all MBC planning committee members.



Cllr. Greenwood proposed, Cllr. Huggens seconded, and it was RESOLVED that the recommendations contained in the report of the meetings on the 16thMay & 4thJune 2018 be approved and adopted.



Cllr. Osborne suggested representatives from the Nursery School be invited to the next F & GP meeting, to discuss the business plan they submitted for the future proposals of the top site at the Ham Lane allotments. There are no plans to remove the present building on the site.

Cllr. Greenwood and the Clerk will meet with Allotment Association members to discuss proposals

for improved water supply.


Cllr. Culver reported the CCTV at Ham Lane will need attention following storm damage.

The primary school awaits the report from the recent Ofsted visit.  Responsibility for an overhanging tree bough between the school and Maidstone Road will be confirmed.  Once ownership is agreed works can be undertaken to remove the bough. Cllr. Cockett enquired if CCTV could be installed to cover the exterior of the public WCs? Cllr. Culver will investigate and report back.


Cllr. Dean from HPC reported the Big Lunch held on Sunday 3rdJune was a huge success, moniesraised from the event were donated to the Harrietsham primary school. The expansion of the primary school has been approved. The A20 improvement scheme is progressing. There are at present three vacancies for co-option to the council.


Cllr. Walmsley reported on the proposals to improve the junction at Faversham Road, which will be undertaken in two phases. Phase one includes double yellow lines to the north of the junction and a flashing junction warning sign on the west to east approach, which will be undertaken this summer.

Phase two will include a speed reduction to 50mph and junction safety measures. Recent data from the speed indicator device situated at the Headcorn/Lenham Road records two thousand vehicles per day travelling through Platts Heath.


Cllr. Britt met the voluntary chairman of Maidstone’s Older Peoples’ Task and Finish Group on June 4thto discuss options for improved services for vulnerable people, particularly following the recent water supply problems.


Cllr. Osborne reported on the North Downs Group who organised a group of thirty students walking from the picnic site to Wye. The damaged picnic bench will be removed from the site.


Cllr. Osborne attended the HPC May meeting and was impressed with the council web-site. Cllr. Dean will forward details of the web-site provider to the Clerk for Cllrs. consideration.



Cllr. Greenwood will report back to the council on the allotment meeting to be held on June 8th.

Cllr. Britt will attend the public drop in sessions held by South East Water to discuss the issues relating to the interruption to the water supply during March and report back to the council.



18/35     FINANCE

a) To authorize payments (Details of payments to be tabled).     Cheque no:                Amount

Made by Falcon. Web-site service. May.                                               4899                             50.00

Mr A Barr. Lease payment for Ham Lane Playground.                         4900                               1.05

M McFarlane. Payments made for admin/maintenance.                         4901                           487.72

Down to Earth. Village handyman. April (replacement chq.)               4902                           435.00

Down to Earth. Village handyman. May.                                               4903                           920.00

Jen Contractors. WCs cleaning, dog bins & litter May.                        4904                           912.00

Amiga Fire & Security Ltd. Monthly maintenance.                               4904                             54.00

Business Stream. Waste Water supply for WCs.                                   4905                           587.26

Salaries & expenses detailed as Appendix A and filed with a signed copy of these minutes.


To note receipt of income (Details of income to be tabled)   No income received


Cllr. Britt proposed, Cllr.Greenwood seconded, and it was RESOLVED to make the payments.

Cllrs. Cockett and Osborne signed the cheques on behalf of Lenham Parish Council.


  1. b) Annual Governance & Accountability Return (AGAR) for the year ended 31stMarch 2018

Members received and noted the AGAR Annual Internal Audit Report 2017/18.

Members received, noted and approved the LPC Governance Statement.


c )  Approve Annual Governance Statement 2017/2018 (Section 1 of audit return)

Members received and noted the signature of the RFO and approved that the Chairman should sign

Section 1 of the return.


d) Approve Accounting Statements 2017/2018 (Section 2 of the audit return)

Members received, noted and approved the accounting statements.  The Responsible Financial Officer & Chairman signed Section 2 of the return.


The RFO confirmed the notice of public rights and publication of unaudited annual governance and accountability return for accounts year ended 31stMarch 2018 will be uploaded on the web-site and put on the notice boards. Announcement date Thursday 7thJune, commencement date Monday 11thJune ending on Friday 20th July.



18/36    CORRESPONDENCE RECEIVED(For information only)

No correspondence for consideration.

Cllrs. raised concerns about the recent road works undertaken at Faversham Road.

The Clerk will request the schedule of works from KCC Highways for future road repairs.


The meeting closed 9.45pm

LPC Meeting Minutes 6th June 2018
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