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PRESENT   Cllr.R Greenwood, Chairman presiding.

Cllrs. M Ballard, J Britt, M Cockett, P Culver, C Huggens, S Knowles, M Michaelas, N Osborne,

P Scrivens & A Walmsley. Cllr. G Dean representing Harrietsham Parish Council.

Mrs. M McFarlane (Clerk & RFO)  9 Members of the public.


PUBLIC PARTICIPATION                                                                                                     (7.30pm – 7.50pm)

The Chairman of the Ham Lane Allotment Association requested the removal of a tree on the boundary fence, for a proposed new water supply pipe to be installed.  The Clerk will organise a tree surgeon to provide a quote for the removal of the tree.


A resident reported, whilst the street lights in Cherry Close have not been repaired, they have, however, had the lamp post numbers repainted!


Boughton Malherbe Parish Council Chairman, reported on a possible lorry park being considered by Highways England on land south of Chilston Park, local landowners have been contacted with proposals for surveys being carried out between July and September. It was agreed both parishes will work together on the issue of the change of use of the agricultural land.


County Cllr. Prendergast announced she had stepped down from being a councillor at Maidstone Borough.

Cllr. Prendergast reported on two public consultation events, The KCC Big Conversation and Highways England Operation Stack Solutions. She also highlighted the need for a review of the community infrastructure levy, (CIL) to ensure sufficient funds are raised to deliver strategic infrastructure.

The A20 & Faversham Road junction works may include the reinstatement of the deceleration lane.

The NHP questions posed to KCC concerning future education provision will be responded to.


The Community Warden reported on advice for helping vulnerable people cope with the hot weather.

During the summer dogs should not be left in cars, always report to the police before attempting to open the vehicle to release the dog. Rogue traders should be reported immediately on 101.


The new Lenham Town Crier introduced himself and reported his fund-raising efforts to purchase the robes of office. An application for a grant from the council will be submitted for consideration.

The Chairman thanked the Town Crier and wished him good luck for the future.


Cllr. J Sams made apologies for Cllr. T Sams who was attending a speed-watch meeting, the equipment will be stored at the Chequers. Cllr. Sams gave an update on outstanding drainage clearing and highway repairs. A list of sites which Golding Homes are responsible for will be organised. Multi-agency crisis contact list for vulnerable people is being worked on following the local water crisis. Cllr. Britt reported the recent GDPR did not apply in an emergency and the sharing of information was permissible.


Mr. Ryan presented himself for co-option onto the council as a member for the south ward.


The Chairman welcomed Cllr. Dean from HPC and thanked the members of the public for attending, he then

opened the meeting at 8.00pm.


18/37     APOLOGIES

The Council accepted the apologies for absence from: Cllr. A Ratcliffe & Cllr. T Sams



Declarations to changes to the Register of Interests.  No declarations received.

Declarations of Interest on Agenda items.

Cllr. Osborne declared an interest in agenda item Finance 12c. As Chairman of the Hatch Charity, he confirmed a grant application from Len Valley FC has been submitted to the charity.

Requests for dispensations.  No requests received.



The Chairman requested notification of intention to film, photograph or record any items.

No notification received.



Cllr. Culver proposed, Cllr. Britt seconded, and it was RESOLVED that the minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday 6thJune 2018 are a true record and were approved and adopted.


18/41     PROGRESS OF RESOLUTIONS(For information purposes only)

Cllr. Osborne confirmed the trees to the rear of the Community Centre have been removed.

A thank you note will be sent to Aspen Tree Services who carried out excellent work.

Cllr. Culver reported progress with CCTV repairs and power supply for a camera at the WCs subject to a sight line being established to the main receiver unit in the Square.

A request has been made for the transfer documents of Glebe Pond to the Lenham Meadows Trust.



The Chairman welcomed Bill Ryan to join the council as a co-opted member for the south ward.

Mr. Ryan signed the declaration of office and joined fellow members.



Cllr. Cockett reported the traffic survey should be completed by the end of August. The number of school places needed up to 2031 will need further investigation, KCC have been asked to confirm the proposals for increased school provision. Meetings are being organised to discuss infrastructure requirements and CIL funding in relation to master planning with MBC and site developers.

It is expected that the NHP Regulation 14 will be ready for public consultation in September.



The removal of a fallen tree branch in Loder Close will be undertaken.

Meetings with the Lenham Nursery to further investigate the use of the Ham Lane allotment (top section) for a nursery school will be organised.

Cllr. Ballard proposed and Cllr. Walmsley seconded, and it was RESOLVED that providing the statutory regulations for the water pipe installation at the allotment site were adhered to the project could go ahead.

Cllr. Cockett proposed, Cllr. Huggens seconded, and it was RESOLVED that the recommendations contained in the report of the meeting of the 20thJune 2018 be approved and adopted.




Cllr. Walmsley reported on concerns relating to prior approval for new build dwellings on land previously used as light industrial on a farm in an area of outstanding natural beauty (AONB).

The planning committee will lobby the MP when a full application is received to highlight the protection of the AONB being eroded by such applications.

The recommendation to allocate the top section of the allotment site in Ham Lane in the NHP for the possible provision of nursery school facilities was proposed by Cllr. Culver and seconded by Cllr. Walmsley and it was RESOLVED to include the site in Regulation 14.

Cllr. Huggens proposed, Cllr. Greenwood seconded, and it was RESOLVED that the recommendations contained in the report of the meetings on the 20thJune & 4thJuly 2018 be approved and adopted.



Cllr. Culver reported a shortage of primary school places & the head teacher is leaving in July.

Cllr. Osborne will organise a quote for cutting back the hedge on the picnic site north boundary.


Cllr. Dean (HPC) confirmed new allotment spaces are being provided. The A20 footpath works have started and the road improvement scheme starts September. The extra school places at Harrietsham primary should be ready for the new pupils at the autumn term intake.


Cllr. Walmsley confirmed a street light at Park Road, Platts Heath needs replaced.


Cllr. Ballard confirmed the Douglas charity would like to provide more Alms houses and are in a financial position to do so.


Cllr. Britt will work with the nursery school to produce a position statement for inclusion in the NHP regulation 14, which will outline the proposals for expansion.


Cllr. Knowles will organise maintenance works quotes for Ham Lane play park repairs, which will include re-painting the swings and replacing the damaged play surface around the equipment.


Cllr. Michaelas reported on a traffic accident in the Square and concerns about excess speed. Cllr. Scrivens reported on finishing works for the recent road resurfacing in Faversham Road, which will be undertaken from July 16th.



Cllr. Britt reported on a meeting he attended of the West Kent Clinical Commissioning Group.

A consultation will take place concerning the proposed setting up Health & Social Care Hubs.

Cllr. Britt is reviewing the Lenham Emergency Plan which needs to be updated.


Cllr. Walmsley reported on the traffic survey meeting with PBA on July 2nd.


Cllr. Greenwood met with REME officers to discuss the repainting of the cemetery gates.

REME may be able to offer a volunteer workforce if LPC can provide the materials.



18/48     FINANCE


  1. a) To authorize payments (Details of payments to be tabled).     Cheque no:                Amount

Made by Falcon. Web-site service. June.                                               4909                             50.00

PMC Planning. NHP consultancy April/May.                                       4910                        2400.00

L Robbins. Annual internal audit work.                                                 4911                           100.00

Curtis & Company. NHP display boards/materials.                               4912                         1149.27

M McFarlane. Payments made for admin/maintenance.                         4913                           175.98

Peter Brett Associates. NHP Transport survey.                                     4914                        2015.84

C Hill Down to Earth. Village handyman. June.                                    4915                           925.00

Aspen Tree Services. Removal of trees Groom Way.                            4916                         2520.00

KCC Commercial services. WCs supplies.                                           4917                          176.40

Jen Contractors. WCs cleaning, dog bins & litter June.                        4918                           912.00

Streetlights. New lamps Platts Heath & Sandway.                                4919                         1734.00

Amiga Fire & Security Ltd. Monthly maintenance.                               4920                             54.00


Salaries & expenses detailed as Appendix A and filed with a signed copy of these minutes.


To note receipt of income (Details of income to be tabled)

Cemetery fees.                                                                                                                                    1200.00

Grant from West Kent Housing Association for tree works.                                                3000.00

Parish Service Scheme First instalment.                                                                                2830.00

NatWest bank refund charges from BMX park project.                                                          709.47


Cllr. Culver proposed, Cllr. Michaelas seconded, and it was RESOLVED to make the payments.

Cllrs. Osborne and Cockett signed the cheques on behalf of Lenham Parish Council.


  1. b) To receive and consider the independent Internal Audit Report

The report had been fully circulated to Cllrs. The recommendations were considered and noted.


c )  To consider grant applications received

       Cllr. Culver proposed, Cllr. Huggens seconded, seven for, three abstentions, and it was RESOLVED

to grant £343 to Len Valley football club.



Cllr. Britt proposed, Cllr. Greenwood seconded, and it was RESOLVED to contract the

Local Council Public Advisory Service (LCPAS) to provide dedicated data protection services.


18/50     CORRESPONDENCE RECEIVED(For information only)

No correspondence to report.




The meeting closed 9.30pm

LPC Meeting Minutes 4th July 2018
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