LPC Meeting 7th January 2015 Report LPC Meeting Minutes & Reports


Cllr. C Gillett, Chairman presiding.

Cllrs. A Barr, P Culver, N Godfrey, R Greenwood, P Hewish, M Homes,

M Jerrett, S Knowles, J Osborn, L Porter, P Scrivens.

M McFarlane (Clerk)

Martin Sherwood Community Warden.

Borough Cllrs. E Powell & J Sams.  7 Members of the public.


Questions were raised concerning the proposed number of dwellings suggested for the Neighbourhood Plan and a suggestion that incomplete developments be finished before considering new sites.

A resident from Liverton Hill is concerned about road traffic speed.  The speed watch team will speak with the resident to discuss further.

Martin Sherwood thanked all those who responded to the recent survey concerning the warden service.

A telephone scam was highlighted, an article in the Focus magazine with full details will be submitted.

There were six crimes in total reported for December.

The applicant for a proposed development at Lenham Heath asked about the LPC process for responding to applications.  Cllr. Gillett confirmed that all applications are responded to, using the criteria as agreed for the Neighbourhood Plan.

Questions were raised about the progress of the Web-site.  Cllr. Homes confirmed a meeting will be held to decide the framework and determine the details to take the project forward.

Faulty lights on the footpath from Old Ashford Road to the Community Centre will be reported to KCC.


The Chairman opened the meeting at 7.55pm


The Chairman requested notification to the council if anyone intends to film, photograph, or record any items.  Members of the public should not be filmed.  No notifications received.


14/73                APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE

Cllr. Willis (family commitment) PCSO J Boyd (unavailable)


14/74                DECLARATIONS

Declarations of changes to the Register of Interests.  None were declared

Declarations of Interest on Agenda items.  Cllr. Barr item 5b. Planning.

Requests for dispensations.  No requests received.


14/75                    MINUTES

The minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on the

3rd December 2014 were confirmed as a true record and it was RESOLVED that they be approved and adopted.


14/76                MATTERS ARISING

4.1       Highway weight restriction signage will be discussed at the meeting with Kent Highways on 12th January. A report will be produced from the meeting.


4.2       Lime tree roots

Cllr. Barr proposed and Cllr. Porter seconded and it was RESOLVED to undertake

further investigation and seek professional advice concerning the damage being caused by the tree roots. Cllrs. Barr, Greenwood & Knowles will coordinate the project and report back to LPC.


4.3       Motocross Runham Lane Sandway

Cllr. Barr reported on the history of the planning application and the appeal.

We are awaiting a response from the MBC enforcement department.

The situation has not been resolved to date.


Matters arising continued

4.4       Focus Advert

The advertisement has been submitted to Focus for twelve months.

Advertising the meeting schedules for parish meeting and committees.


4.5       Designscape NHP phase two engagement

It was agreed to engage Designscape to take the plan forward.

LPC will agree the next steps of the project at the planning committee meeting.



A                      Finance & General Purposes.    Report by Cllr. Gillett

Cllr. Gillett proposed, Cllr. Porter seconded and it was RESOLVED to implement the budget recommendations for future projects.

Cllr. Porter proposed, Cllr. Culver seconded and it was RESOLVED to freeze the precept with no increase for the 2015/16 financial year.

Cllr. Gillett proposed, Cllr. Osborn seconded and it was RESOLVED to increase the Clerk’s salary to reflect increased responsibilities.

Cllr. Jerrett proposed, Cllr. Barr seconded and it was RESOLVED that Cllr. Porter will be Vice Chairman of the LPC.

The position of Chairman of planning will be available after the next election.  Cllr. Gillett suggested interested Cllrs. could consider working alongside Cllr. Godfrey to learn the procedures with support from fellow members.


It was RESOLVED that the recommendations contained in the report of the meeting on the

17th December 2014 & 5th January 2015 be approved and adopted.


B                      Planning & Neighbourhood Plan.  Report by Cllr. Godfrey

Cllr. Barr left the room at 8.40pm after declaring an interest in item 5b.

Cllr. Osborn proposed, Cllr. Knowles seconded and it was RESOLVED to co-opt

Cllr. Jerrett to join the planning committee.


Cllr. Gillett gave an up to date report of the position of the NHP.  It was agreed to spend

more time defining the contents of the draft NHP (which at present is an advisory document)

before submission to MBC. Copies of the draft plan were provided to the chairmen of the

HIVE groups and Save Lenham coordinators. The plan will be in the public domain once the

final amendments have been agreed.  Cllr. Barr rejoined the meeting at 9.15pm.


C                      Groom Way development       Report by Cllr. Osborn

Following the site meeting with Mr. Blundell from Golding Homes, we are awaiting possible

re-design suggestions.  Cllr. Osborn suggested consideration be given to delaying the project

until the NHP is in place, in the interest of continuity.


It was RESOLVED that the recommendations contained in the reports of the meetings on

17th December 2014 & 5th January 2015 be approved and adopted.


D                      Highways & Transportation.   Report by Cllr. Scrivens

Cllr. Scrivens will report to the council following the meeting on 12th January.

Cllr. Greenwood reported damage to the railings outside the Post Office.


E                      Law & Order. CCTV                         Reports by Cllrs. Godfrey & Hewish

Cllr. Godfrey reported the next Parish & Police Forum will be 15th January.

Cllr. Barr requested an update on the Country Eye project.  This will be added to the PPF agenda for discussion.

Cllr. Hewish is organising a meeting with an engineer from Sunstone, the company

which installed the cameras at Ham Lane & William Pitt Field.



F                      Web-site Development          Report by Cllrs. Osborn & Homes

For clarity, research will be undertaken to see if the LPC site hosted by KCC can be removed and only the present site be available.  The goal is a truly independent LPC web-site.


G                      Environment                                        Reports

Churchyard tree works have been undertaken and a quote will be sought to clear the corner near Forge House.  Cllrs. Greenwood and Gillett will organize a site meeting.

Maidstone Road car park drain clearing will be followed by a grounds work schedule of works to be undertaken.  Cllr. Greenwood will organize a site visit to agree on works.



                        No reports submitted.


14/79                KALC/RURAL KENT

No reports submitted.


14/80                ACCOUNTS

Cheques for consideration and payment 7th January 2015

Lenham Parish Hall Committee.  Room hire               4414             304.50

P Goodwin.  BMX repairs/maintenance                     4415             925.00

Focus Magazine monthly advert x 12                         4416             226.80

Designscape Consultancy.  NHP work.                      4417           3416.20


Salaries & expenses detailed as Appendix A and filed with a signed copy of these minutes.


DD Scottish Power WCS electricity                                                   15.00

DD EDF Energy pop up power                                                          20.00

DD EDF Energy Street lighting                                                        123.30

DD MBC Cemetery rates                                                                    88.00


Monies received

Cemetery fees                                                                                    325.00

The budget meeting report dealt with under 5A. Finance & General Purposes.


14/81                CORRESPONDENCE


The Community Centre is holding a Cabaret evening on 14th March.

If Cllrs. are interested in attending the event the Clerk has the details.

Action with Communities in Rural Kent (ACRK) funding is under threat.

LPC agree this is a worthwhile, useful organization to support.


The meeting closed at 9.35pm

LPC Meeting 7th January 2015 Report
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