LPC Meeting 7/10/15 LPC Meeting Minutes & Reports

PRESENT        Cllr. C Gillett, Chairman presiding.

Cllrs. P Culver, M Jerrett, R Greenwood, L Porter, P Scrivens,

M McFarlane (Clerk)

Cllr. K Kay representing Harrietsham Parish Council.

Borough Cllrs. J Sams & T Sams. County Cllr. J Whittle.

PCSO J Boyd. 6 Members of the public.


The Chairman welcomed Cllr. Kay representing HPC. He also took the opportunity to publically thank

Mr. Andrew Barr, who recently resigned as a parish Cllr. after many years of sterling service to the community.  Eight members remain and five new members are required.



PCSO J Boyd reported the crime figures for September. Patrols are covering the William Pitt Field, WCs and BT Exchange site, all of which have incidents of vandalism reported.  The PCSO & Community Warden are raising awareness of telephone fraud scams and urge caution when bank details are requested.


A parishioner reported concerns relating to the narrow path provision at the bus stop in Old Ashford Road and the light (0015) not working on the footpath leading from Old Ashford Road.  Cllr. Scrivens will investigate further.


Cllr. T Sams reported on the availability of a Local Needs Housing Survey which would be funded by MBC.

Cllr. J Sams gave a brief outline of the matters being dealt with concerning Operation Stack, access from Robins Avenue to the Railway station and the Local Plan consultation, also planning issues relating to street trading, Ham lane appeal and development at the Old Goods Yard.


Two residents were considering joining the LPC through the co-option route.  The Chairman thanked them for their interest.


A plea for a speed indication device for the parish will be investigated by J Whittle.  The handyman will be asked to repair loose cobble stones in the Square. A resident requested provision for a litter/dog waste bin at the picnic site.  The chairman suggested volunteers could be stewards for the picnic site, a resident offered to help Cllr. Greenwood undertake a tree survey.


County Cllr. J Whittle reported on the latest developments concerning Operation Stack, responses are awaited from Government and Highways England following the suggestions from KCC to resolve the ongoing issues.  Cllr. Whittle will meet with KCC Highways to discuss road surface repairs throughout the parish.  A meeting will be organised to discuss the use of signage to discourage HGVs travelling along narrow rural lanes.  KCC will switch the street lighting to LED following a consultation.


Cllrs. T Sams, J Sams & J Whittle left the meeting at 8.20pm. The Chairman opened the meeting at 8.21pm.


The Chairman requested notification to the council if anyone intends to film, photograph, or record any items.  Members of the public should not be filmed. No notifications received.


15/49                APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE

Cllrs. M Cockett & H Shotter (holiday) Martin Sherwood Community Warden

& PCSO de Burca-Ousby.


15/50                DECLARATIONS

Declarations of changes to the Register of Interests.  None were declared.

Declarations of Interest on Agenda items.  No declarations made.

Requests for dispensations.  No requests received.


15/51                MINUTES

The minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on the 5th August 2015 were confirmed as a true record and it was RESOLVED that they be approved and adopted.


15/52                MATTERS ARISING

                        Lenham Square.  Improvements are being undertaken, weed spraying, bench repairs, planter relocated and church lights repaired amongst general maintenance of the village.

Community Centre Solar Agreement  The agreement was signed by Cllrs. Gillett & Porter.

Cricket Club netting.   Cllr. Greenwood is pursuing a meeting with developers of the URC site to determine the s106 agreement in relation to the provision of netting between the cricket field and development site.  Several issues need further clarification.

Community Centre Trust deed. Cllr. Porter is awaiting a response from solicitors for clarification of the latest position in the negotiations.

Parking problems

Cllr. Scrivens will make an appointment to speak about parking problems outside the Primary School to discuss options.




A                      Finance & General Purposes.    Report by Cllr. Gillett

19th August BMX repairs/replacement Cllr. Culver will seek quotes for alternative surfaces.

16th September

Salt bags will be delivered to the Community Centre, Sandway and Lenham Heath.

A position paper will be prepared detailing the Len Bus winding up of the service.


It was RESOLVED that the recommendations contained in the reports of the meetings on the

19th August & 16th September 2015 be approved and adopted.


B                      Planning & Neighbourhood Plan.  Report by Cllr. Jerrett

Cllr. Jerrett ran through the applications received.  There were no questions raised.

Neighbourhood Plan report

The team were making steady progress and had prepared plan draft version 2 which will be

available for consultation on 17th October, at an event at the primary school 10am to 3pm.

A technical follow up session will be organised for interested parishioners during November.

The plan remains a working document which will be updated once data has been analysed

from the feedback of the event on 17th October.


Cllr. Jerrett suggested approaching Designscape to help submit LPCs responses to

applications at Ham Lane, (appeal) Loder Close, and the MBC Local Plan consultation.

Cllr. Porter proposed, Cllr. Scrivens seconded and it was RESOLVED to employ

Designscape to offer professional advice.  Cllr. Jerrett will contact the company.


It was RESOLVED that the recommendations contained in the reports of the meetings on

            19th August, 7th & 16th September 2015 be approved and adopted.


C                      Highways & Transportation.   Report by Cllr. Scrivens

Cllr. Scrivens reported on a useful meeting with Mr. Heath from KCC Highways to discuss improvement works at Faversham Road/A20 junction.


Cllr. Gillett proposed, Cllr. Jerrett seconded and it was RESOLVED to purchase a litter bin for Maidstone Road car park.  Cllrs. Scrivens and Porter will undertake a site visit to determine where the bin will be situated.


D                      Law & Order. CCTV                         Report by Cllr. Culver

The cameras at William Pitt Field & Ham Lane are fixed and operational with the software loaded onto the LPC laptop. The village square choice of cameras and systems is ongoing; three quotes have now been received for further consideration.  Cllr. Culver will meet with the vicar to discuss the option of using the church tower for the sender/receiver equipment.

Comparisons will be made between initial set up costs and ongoing maintenance charges.


E                      Web-site Development                        Report by Cllr. Culver

Cllr. Gillett proposed and Cllr. Jerrett seconded and it was RESOLVED that the web-site providers Falcon will be paid to upload data for the LPC web-site, until such times that the KCC web-site is available. Cllr. Kay from HPC is a member of the HPC communications committee and had successfully helped set up the KCC site for Harrietsham.


F                      Environment                                        Report by Cllr. Greenwood

Hedge cutting will be undertaken at the cemetery in preparation for rabbit proof fencing.

Cllr. Greenwood will instruct Mr. Waring to undertake general repairs including repairing the latch on the gate at the Twittens Maidstone Road.



Cllr. Greenwood reported on Swadelands School recent exam results and Ofsted report.


Cllr. Culver attended the HPC meeting on 30th September and reported on the web-site log of volunteers willing to help the HPC.  Also the opportunity to hold PC meetings at different locations was discussed.


Cllr. Kay reported the successful bid for funding for a Solar panel installation on the Village Hall.  The option of revisiting the original HPC neighbourhood plan and making changes was agreed.  The Remix Club and Play scheme will no longer be operational.


15/55                KALC/RURAL KENT/CPRE    No reports


15/56                ACCOUNTS

Cheques for consideration and payment 7th October 2015

Cheque no:         Amount

Petty cash                                                                                4520               100.00

Southern Water.  WCs supply                                                 4521               254.48

M McFarlane (Medash Signs) NHP banners                         4522               144.00

Designscape Consultancy NHP work                                     4523             1680.00

Epps Construction Ltd. Solar panel installation cost               4524            3,336.00

Lotus Design.  NHP flyers & draft plan                                 4525               482.00

Mr. P Humphries.  Bench repairs The Square             4526               240.00

PK Littlejohn. External Audit fee                                            4527               960.00

BTF land registry search fees NHP                                        4528               144.00

Direct debits:                                                                                              Amount

Scottish Power WCS electricity                                                                      15.00

EDF Energy pop up power                                                                             20.00

EDF Energy Street lighting                                                                            123.30

MBC Cemetery rates                                                                                       90.00

Salaries & expenses detailed as Appendix A and filed with a signed copy of these minutes.

Monies received:                                                                                        Amount

Cemetery fees                                                                                               1016.00

Lightsource Ltd.  Solar panel contribution                                                   6944.57

Bank interest                                                                                                     4.59


Accounts continued


Audit report recommendations

The external auditor report stated ‘on the basis of our review on the annual return, in our opinion the information in the annual return is in accordance with proper practices and no matters have come to our attention giving cause for concern that relevant legislation and regulatory requirements have not been met.’


Best practice indicates that the body should formally appoint the internal auditor and the appointment should be minuted.   Cllr. Jerrett proposed, Cllr. Culver seconded and it was RESOLVED to formally appoint Mr. K Funnell F.M.A.A.T. and a letter of engagement for financial year 2015/2016 was duly signed by Cllrs. Gillett and Porter.


Bank Account mandate

A new mandate will have to be submitted following the resignation of Cllr. Barr a signatory of the LPC accounts.  Cllr. Scrivens will become a signatory, along with Cllrs. Gillett, Porter, Greenwood, Jerrett and Culver.


Grants 2015/2016

                        Cllr. Jerrett proposed, Cllr. Culver seconded and it was RESOLVED the grant monies will be divided equally between the village group applicants.



                        Budget considerations for 2016/17

                        The Clerk requested Cllrs. give consideration to budget figures for 2016 financial year and present recommendations at the November Finance Committee meeting for further consideration by LPC.


15/57                CORRESPONDENCE

No correspondence received.


The meeting closed at 10pm

LPC Meeting 7/10/15
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