LPC Meeting 5th June 2019 LPC General, LPC Meeting Minutes & Reports


PRESENT Cllr. R Greenwood, Chairman presiding.
Cllrs. M Ballard, J Britt, M Cockett, C Huggens, M Lowe, M Michaelas, N Osborne, A Ratcliffe,
P Scrivens, & A Walmsley. Cllr. J Moore representing Harrietsham Parish Council. M McFarlane (Clerk) 3 Members of the public.

PUBLIC PARTICIPATION (7.30pm – 7.50pm) The Chairman asked all those present to observe a moment of silence in order to remember all the fallen armed forces members, who were involved in Operation Overlord in 1944, which thankfully was successful and instrumental in ending the Second World War.

A resident reported the safety barrier at the entrance to the footpath linking Old Ashford Road and Groom Way has been removed. Cllr. P Scrivens confirmed the request for reinstatement of the barriers has been submitted to KCC Highways.

Borough Cllr. T Sams outlined the situation relating to recent discussions at Maidstone Borough Council concerning the possibility of the development of a garden village situated at Lenham Heath, he will monitor the situation and report back to the Parish Council. Cllr. Sams confirmed the development to the rear of Loder Close gained planning permission at the MBC meeting on 30th May.

Borough Cllrs. T & J Sams invited all to attend the Lenham Family Festival which runs from Thursday 6th to Sunday 9th June. They thanked all the team for their hard work in organising the successful annual event.

Borough Cllrs. T & J Sams recently delivered leaflets parish wide to highlight concerns relating to climate change. They are working to promote the importance of the environment and protecting open spaces.

PCSO J Boyd submitted a crime report which will be placed on the notice board and uploaded onto the Parish Council website. LPC will write to KCC to inform them of their displeasure at the decision to implement charges to the public for depositing building waste products at local tips. The concerns and the consequences of the possibility of increased rural fly tipping problems will be highlighted.

The Chairman welcomed Cllr. J Moore from Harrietsham Parish Council and Cllr. M Lowe who is joining the LPC. He thanked the members of the public for attending and opened the meeting at 7.45pm.

  1. 19/23  APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE RECEIVEDThe Council accepted apologies for absence from County Cllr. S Prendergast, Community Warden M Sherwood, and PCSO J Boyd.
  2. 19/24  TO RECEIVE DECLARATIONSDeclarations of Interest on Agenda items. No declarations received. Declarations to changes to the Register of Interests. No declarations received. Requests for dispensations. No requests received.
  3. 19/25  TO REQUEST NOTIFICATIONThe Chairman requested notification of intention to film, photograph or record any items. No notification received.
    Cllr. M Cockett proposed, Cllr. J Britt seconded, and it was RESOLVED that the minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday 8th May 2019 are a true record and were approved, adopted and signed by the Chairman of Lenham Parish Council.
  2. 19/27  PROGRESS OF RESOLUTIONS (For information purposes only) Dealt with under agenda items.
  3. 19/28  PARISH TREE SURVEYCllr. A Ratcliffe will organise a quote for a tree survey which will lead to a more in-depth maintenance report of actions required. Cllr. M Cockett suggested the survey may also identify areas for planting new trees.
    Cllr. R Greenwood suggested utilising the Ash tree trunk (following tree surgery at the William Pitt field) to make seats for public use.
  4. 19/29  BMX PARK PROJECTCllr. R Greenwood confirmed the recently damaged BMX ramp has been repaired, the site itself needs overall attention, improvements, and possible redesign.
    Cllr. J Britt will liaise with youth workers to consult on preferences for the future equipment;
    he will produce an article for inclusion in the Focus magazine, to ask for ideas to improve the site for all age groups. The Cherry Estate play area will also be considered for improvements. Funding will be from S106 monies from recent developments in the parish.
  5. 19/30  MAINTENANCE OF THE LENHAM CROSSCllr. J Britt & the Clerk will meet with the Community Payback Scheme coordinators to produce a precise list of required improvement and maintenance schedules. This will not preclude community involvement events in order to encourage all age groups to re-engage with the history of the story of the reasons behind the memorial Cross on the North Downs.
    Cllr. A Ratcliffe proposed, Cllr. M Ballard seconded and it was RESOLVED to purchase a new dog bin at Lenham Heath (£223) and a new litter bin (£250) at Faversham Road, subject to agreed siting arrangements for installation.
    Cllr. R Greenwood proposed, Cllr. A Walmsley seconded and it was RESOLVED to increase the cemetery fees by 10% to cover the rising costs of maintaining the cemetery grounds.
    There will be an annual income and expenditure review undertaken.
  8. 19/33  NURSERY SCHOOL OPEN DAY REPORTCllr. A Ratcliffe confirmed the event was a useful consultation where concerns were aired and alternative solutions to the site layout discussed. Cllr. A Ratcliffe will provide a quote for a survey to clarify the exact width of the access road.
    This is not an LPC project, however, advise will be given to the Nursery Group on planning application processes.
    Cllr. R Greenwood will speak with Sibley Pares to determine details of the proposed land lease for further discussion.2
  1. 19/34  REME MEMORIAL SERVICEOn Saturday June 22nd a service will be held to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the 52 REME soldiers killed by a bomb near Lenham. The Parish Council will be represented. Cllr. A Ratcliffe proposed, Cllr. C Huggens seconded and it was RESOLVED to purchase a poppy wreath to lay at the service of remembrance. The entrance drive will be cut back and cleared before the service.The Parish Council is grateful to members of the REME for refurbishing the cemetery gates and plaques in readiness for the service.
    Cllr. R Greenwood proposed, Cllr. M Ballard seconded and it was RESOLVED to accept the quote of £190 to repair the bus stop in the Square.Cllr. M Lowe will be the spokesperson for playground risk assessments and equipment maintenance.Cllr. A Walmsley proposed, Cllr. N Osborne seconded, and it was RESOLVED that the minutes of the meeting held on 15th May 2019 are a true record and the recommendations were approved, adopted and signed by the Chairman of the Finance & General Purposes Committee.
  3. 19/36  TO RECEIVE THE MINUTES OF THE PLANNING COMMITTEE MEETINGS & NHP REPORTCllr. A Walmsley gave a brief report of applications discussed at the meetings.
    MBC planning meeting on the 30th May approved the Wealden Homes development west of Loder Close, we await clarification for specification of the availability of S106/CIL monies for primary school funding. Cllr. Cockett will investigate the recording of the meeting to confirm the details.Cllrs. A Walmsley & N Osborne attended a site meeting with the landowner to discuss the regeneration of a barn on Faversham Road, both agreed it was a much-needed improvement.Cllr. J Moore from HPC outlined concerns raised by parishioners about the road islands installed on the A20 throughout the village, and the removal of the speed indicator equipment (SID) which the Parish Council has requested should be returned.Cllrs. R Greenwood and N Osborne attended an Infrastructure Delivery Group (IDG) meeting to progress the draft NHP Regulation 16 which should be ready by mid-July. Constructive NHP Master Planning is ongoing with developers, KCC and MBC, with positive agreements concerning highways and education provision. Countryside developers wish to negotiate with the LPC about the possibility of increasing the width of Old Ham Lane by 2-4mtrs along the boundary of the William Pitt field, to enable a wider junction with Ham Lane, this would not impinge in any way on the present football facilities and would offer an improved and safer entrance to the car park.A recommendation to continue negotiations, with advice from Sibley Pares, was further discussed. Cllr. A Walmsley proposed, Cllr. N Osborne seconded and it was RESOLVED to progress the negotiations further and report back to the Parish Council members.Cllr. M Ballard proposed, Cllr. J Britt seconded, and it was RESOLVED that the minutes of the meetings held on 15th May & 4th June 2019 are a true record and the recommendations were approved, adopted and signed by the Chairman of the Planning Committee.3



Cllr. A Walmsley recommended communication with Sport England to confirm the principle of establishing new alternative sports facilities east of the village, it is important to have the support of Sport England for the NHP improved sports provision.
Cllr. M Michaelas reported the CCTV continues to be useful in identifying anti-social behaviour and those involved in a group of youths who have caused problems in and around the Square.

Cllr. P Scrivens reported an abandoned car in the Maidstone Road car park, he confirmed highway issues are being regularly reported to KCC; Old Ashford Road will be resurfaced this year.
Cllr. M Lowe reported his attendance at a KALC Cllr. training session, which he found informative. Cllrs. N Osborne, J Britt, & R Greenwood with P McCreery from PMC Planning will meet with Counrtyside developers before the pre-app meeting at MBC on the 13th June.

Cllr. A Ratcliffe raised concerns relating to the disrepair of listed buildings in the Square, Cllr. M Michaelas as business representative, will speak with the business owners about improvements.


a) To authorize payments (Details of payments to be tabled). Made by Falcon. Web-site service for May.
KALC Cllr. training. Cllr. M Lowe.
A Barr. Ham Lane play park lease.

Peter Brett Assoc. Transport assessment revisions.
M McFarlane. Office expenses/planters.
Down to Earth May works.
Jen Contractors. Dog bins & litter picking. May.
Salaries & expenses detailed as Appendix A and are filed with a signed copy of these minutes. To note receipt of income (Details of income to be tabled)

Maidstone Borough Council S106 monies 67,419.00 Maidstone Borough Council Parish Service Scheme (first payment of two) 4,308.00

Cllr. A Ratcliffe proposed, Cllr. M Cockett seconded, and it was RESOLVED to make the payments. Cllrs. P Scrivens and N Osborne signed the cheques on behalf of Lenham Parish Council.

b) Audit Approval of Section 1 Annual Governance Statement 2018-2019
Cllrs. received full copies of the AGAR including the Annual Internal Audit Report (page 3 of 6) prior to the meeting for their consideration, the documents were noted and accepted with no questions raised.
Cllr. A Walmsley proposed, Cllr. M Ballard seconded and it was RESOLVED to approve
Section 1 of the AGAR 2018 – 2019 (page4 of 6). The Chairman and Clerk signed the document.
c) Audit Approval of Section 2 Accounting Statements 2018-2019
The RFO signed the Accounting Statements before presenting the document to Cllrs. for their consideration. The document was noted and accepted with no questions raised.
Cllr. M Michaelas proposed, Cllr. M Cockett seconded and it was RESOLVED to approve
Section 2 of the AGAR 2018 -2019 (page 5 of 6) The Chairman signed the document.


No correspondence to report. The meeting closed at 10.00pm

LPC Meeting 5th June 2019
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