LPC Meeting 4th November 2015 Report LPC Meeting Minutes & Reports

PRESENT        Cllr. R Greenwood, Chairman presiding.

Cllrs. M Cockett, P Culver, M Jerrett, P Scrivens, & H Shotter.

M McFarlane (Clerk) B. Cllr. J Sams.

PCSO J Boyd, Community Warden M Sherwood.

Cllr. C Przystupa representing Harrietsham Parish Council

7 Members of the public.


15/58                ELECTION OF CHAIRMAN

The Clerk opened the meeting.  Cllr. M Cockett proposed, Cllr. M Jerrett seconded and it was RESOLVED to ask Cllr. R Greenwood to become the Chairman of LPC.

Cllr. Greenwood accepted the position and stated that he would remain chairman for two or three months until such time as the number of members increased.


Cllr. Greenwood proposed, Cllr. Scrivens seconded and it was RESOLVED to ask Cllr. Jerrett to become the Vice Chairman.  Cllr. Jerrett accepted the position.



The Community Warden reported the crime figures for October, six in total. He gave details of Trading Standard alerts and reported BT has upgraded local exchanges in an effort to stop scammers exploiting telephone connections.  KCC Libraries are offering their IT buddies training to those who may be housebound, more details available from Martin.

Cllr. Greenwood highlighted the concerns over vehicle congestion outside the Lenham Primary and Swadelands schools.  PCSO J Boyd will liaise with Martin concerning nuisance youths and reports of anti-social behavior.

  1. Cllr. J Sams offered to help the LPC, if required, whilst member numbers were low. Cllr. Sams reported communication concerning the URC development site would be sent from Cllr. English. Cllr. Greenwood outlined the communications thus far and requested further correspondence.  Cllr. Sams will be working with C. Cllr. J Whittle concerning transportation issues relating to the works at the Chilston sandpit.

A parishioner raised concerns about traffic movements from Groom Way to the church, with parked vehicles making the bends particularly dangerous.  Cllr. Scrivens is meeting with the KCC highways steward and will discuss the possibility of double yellow lines on Old Ashford Road.  Cllr. Shotter reported the NHP will try to identify extra parking capacity sites.

The chairman of LEA reported the picnic site pruning is now completed. He enquired when the Speedwatch equipment will be purchased? He also reported a loose stone on the footpath opposite Lenham Stores.


The Chairman opened the meeting at 7.55pm He read aloud a statement concerning the present situation relating to Cllr. numbers and the need to co-opt another seven members.  The preparations for the Neighbourhood Plan will require a full council to share the extra workload.  Cllrs. will apply for dispensations in order to discuss the NHP, as the increased housing numbers will affect many members.

The Chairman welcomed Cllr. Przystupa from Harrietsham Parish Council.


The Chairman requested notification to the council if anyone intends to film, photograph, or record any items.  Members of the public should not be filmed.  No notifications received.


15/59                APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE

The Council accepted the reason for apology for absence from:

  1. Cllr. J Whittle & B. Cllr. T Sams (attending JTB meeting.)


15/60                DECLARATIONS

Declarations of changes to the Register of Interests.  None were declared.

Declarations of Interest on Agenda items.  No declarations made.

Requests for dispensations.  No requests received.



Declarations continued

Cllr. Cockett proposed, Cllr. Jerrett seconded and it was RESOLVED to organise an extraordinary meeting to apply for the dispensations.


15/61                CO-OPTION TO COUNCIL

Mr. M Osborne presented himself for co-option.  Cllr. Jerrett queried the timing of

Mr. Osborne’s application, as he is the Chairman of the Lenham Community Centre and the LPC and LCC are in negotiations relating to changes to the Trust Deed.

Cllr. Scrivens proposed, Cllr. Shotter seconded and it was RESOLVED to co-opt Mr. M Osborne to the council.

Mr. J Nye and Mr. M Ballard also expressed an interest in joining the council and will be co-opted at the December meeting.

Mr. K Lapwood has applied for leave to be co-opted in absentia, due to work commitments.

Cllr. Greenwood proposed, Cllr. Jerrett seconded and it was RESOLVED to co-opt Mr. Lapwood to the council and granted permission to receive the declaration of acceptance at a later date.  The Clerk will meet with Mr. Lapwood to sign the declaration.


15/62                MINUTES

The minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on the 7th October 2015 were confirmed as a true record and it was RESOLVED that they be approved and adopted.


15/63                MATTERS ARISING

                        No matters arising.



A                      Finance & General Purposes.    Report  

No report as the meeting was postponed.


B                      Planning & Neighbourhood Plan.  Report by Cllr. Jerrett

Cllr. Jerrett reported on applications received at the meetings of 21st October and 2nd November.  Robins Close application is being called into MBC committee by Cllr. Sams.

St Mary’s Cottage application requires ongoing communication and the Co-op application will be reported further at the next planning meeting (18th Nov) Objections have been submitted relating to the appeal at Ham Lane and the proposed development of land adjacent to Loder Close.

A letter from Lightsource offering a Community payment benefit of £10,000 was discussed.

Cllr. Jerrett proposed, Cllr. Shotter seconded and it was RESOLVED to await the parishioners’ responses, when the application to extend the term of the solar farm was discussed, before further correspondence.

Cllr. Jerrett reported on the successful NHP public consultation held at Lenham Primary school on the 17th October.  Cllr. Scrivens proposed, Cllr. Greenwood seconded and it was RESOLVED to contribute £100 to school funds in gratitude for use of the facilities for the consultation.  Clerk will send a thank you card.

Advertising for vacant properties in Groom Way should be made available to the LPC to ensure parishioners are aware of the opportunity to join the bid process to apply for a property.  Cllr. Sams is investigating further.


It was RESOLVED that the recommendations contained in the reports of the meetings on

21st October & 2nd November 2015 be approved and adopted.


C                      Highways & Transportation.   Report by Cllr. Scrivens

Cllrs. Greenwood and Scrivens will meet with the KCC Highways steward to discuss several issues throughout the parish.  The replacement of cobbles following utilities work in the Square will be monitored to ensure York stone is used.  Road works outside the new Co-op site is causing extra road congestion.

LPC Meeting 4th November 2015 Report
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