LPC Meeting 4th March 2015 LPC Meeting Minutes & Reports

PRESENT        Cllr. C Gillett, Chairman presiding.

Cllrs. A Barr, P Culver, N Godfrey, R Greenwood,

S Knowles, J Osborn, L Porter & P Scrivens. Mrs. M McFarlane. (Clerk)

Cllr. J Sams. C Cllr. J Whittle.

Cllr. J Bilke representing Harrietsham Parish Council.

8 Members of the public.


Cllr. Gillett responded to a question relating to the weight restriction signage request from a parishioner.

Following a meeting with the Boughton Malherbe Chairman, LPC will research the possible options.

LEA representatives requested if two new planters could be placed on the grass area near Glebe pond.

Cllrs. agreed this was acceptable and thanked the LEA for their efforts.  Ash trees on the grass area at the top of Robins Close need maintenance.  KCC are responsible for the trees.  Three parishioners will undertake repairs to the Lych gate.

Cllr. Sams reported two disabled parking bays in Foord Road were now in situ.  The uneven surface of the car park and pavement between Foord Road and Maidstone Road has been reported for repairs.  Cllr. Sams is working with KCC/MBC on several parking and lining issues in the Square.


County Cllr. J Whittle reported on a meeting to put forward a traffic regulation order to reduce the speed limit to 30mph on the Faversham Road (north).  KCC are concerned at the level of proposed development, and the continuing uncertainty as the Local Plan has not been finalized.  Cllr. Whittle suggested the lack of a city rail service exasperated traffic congestion and recommends the city service be restored.

KCC are pursuing funding options to provide a lorry park to help alleviate the traffic chaos caused by operation stack.


The Chairman opened the meeting at 8pm


The Chairman requested notification to the council if anyone intends to film, photograph, or record any

items.  Members of the public should not be filmed.  No notifications received.


14/91                APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE

The Council accepted the reason for apology for absence from:

Cllrs.  Hewish & Jerrett (work commitment) Cllr. Willis (family commitment)

  1. Cllr. E Powell (work commitment) Community Warden M Sherwood (unwell)

PCSO J Boyd (unavailable)


14/92                DECLARATIONS

                        Declarations of changes to the Register of Interests. None were declared

Declarations of Interest on Agenda items.  No declarations received.

Requests for dispensations.  No requests received.


14/93                MINUTES

The minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on the 4th February 2015 were confirmed as a true record and it was RESOLVED that they be approved and adopted.


14/94                MATTERS ARISING

                        4.1 Motocross update

Harrietsham PC will grant £250 towards the campaign legal fees.

The Clerk has written to Mr. J Proudlock confirming the £500 grant from LPC.


4.2 Bowling Club Community Asset

The relevant paper work has been provided for completion by the club secretary.

Once the paper work is completed, Cllrs. will meet with Bowls Club committee representatives to discuss the next steps.


Matters arising continued

4.3 Emergency Plan update    

The Clerk has updated all the data. Final Cllr. contacts will be agreed post May elections.


4.4 The Limes

Cllrs. will meet with MBC tree officer and parishioners to discuss the Lime tree root

growth in the Square.


4.5 Remembrance Garden

A meeting will be organised to discuss the Remembrance Garden in the churchyard.



A                      Finance & General Purposes.    Report by Cllr. Gillett

Cllr. Godfrey proposed, Cllr. Scrivens seconded and it was RESOLVED to replace the lights in the Maidstone Road car park.  Local residents will be informed.  An article for Focus will be submitted.


Cllr. Porter proposed, Cllr. Greenwood seconded and it was RESOLVED to increase the cemetery fees by 10%.  The cemetery fees and rules will be published on the web-site.

Following further discussion the rules will be reviewed.

An article for Focus concerning the charges will be submitted.


It was RESOLVED that the recommendations contained in the report of the meeting on the

18th February 2015 be approved and adopted.


B                      Planning & Neighbourhood Plan.  Report by Cllr. Godfrey

Cllr. Godfrey reported on the recent planning meetings.  There were no questions.


Cllr. Gillett reported on the public meeting on 21st February and requested consideration

be given to ratifying the proposal of the NHP committee to forward the plan, be agreed.

Cllr. Godfrey proposed and Cllr. Scrivens seconded and it was RESOLVED to empower the

NHP committee to progress the plan reporting to LPC for agreement.

Phase two of the plan may require consultants Designscape to advice further, as previously

agreed by LPC.

Cllr. Gillett is overseeing funding options.  Expected expenditure, communications

approximately £250 and hire of market stall £18 per month.  It was unanimously agreed to

pursue the actions discussed.


C                      Groom Way development       Report by Cllr. Osborn

Proof of local needs housing requirements should be supplied, if an application for units at

Groom Way is to progress.  This could be undertaken as part of the NHP process.


It was RESOLVED that the recommendations contained in the reports of the meetings on

18th February & 2nd March 2015 be approved and adopted.


D                      Highways & Transportation.   Report by Cllr. Scrivens

Cllr. Scrivens continues to correspond with the Highways steward on issues concerning

drainage, pot holes and road markings, faulty street lights are also regularly reported.


E                      Law & Order.  CCTV                         Reports by Cllrs. Godfrey & Culver

Cllr. Godfrey reported the crime figures provided by PCSO J Boyd.


Cllrs. Culver & Hewish will seek quotes to compare the cost of repairing or upgrading the present CCTV system, which is no longer fit for purpose.  A site meeting with Sunstone Communications will define options.


F                      Web-site Development          Report by Cllr. Osborn

The policies and terms of reference are being prepared.  A scope of requirements will be drafted for quotes, to enable ongoing support of the site.


G                      Environment                                        Reports

                        Pest control of the cemetery, church yard and the William Pitt Field are ongoing on a regular basis, undertaken by S Waring.


                        An Easter egg hunt and hedge planting day has been organised for 28th March at the

Cherry Downs picnic site.



Cllr. Godfrey received a vote of confidence from Cllrs. to carry on as a representative on the Douglas Alms house committee and report back to the LPC.


Cllr. Bilke from HPC gave a report concerning the progress of the Harrietsham Neighbourhood Plan thus far.  The HPC web-site team were addressing issues and developing the site.  MBC planning department are discussing the future proposals for development on Tong’s meadow, no decision to date.


Cllr. Culver reported on the appointment of the new head teacher at Lenham Primary.

The future of the nursery school is being discussed and options for funding a new mobile

are being investigated.



14/97                    KALC/RURAL KENT

Latest training details have been circulated.  The Clerk will attend the Planning Conference on Friday March 27th at Lenham Community Centre.


14/98                ACCOUNTS

Cheques for consideration and payment 4th March 2015

C Gillett Chairman’s allowance (not signed 18/2/15)  4429                275.00

D Body Ltd. Car park drain clearing.                                      4434                180.00

A J Carr Ltd. Coach for NHP meeting at MBC 26/2             4435                 225.00

JVA Electrical Ltd. Street light repair Platts Heath                  4436                397.21

Play Inspection Company.  Annual play area inspection.      4437                  215.82

M McFarlane.  Staples computer ink/toner x2            4438                107.98

Salaries & expenses detailed as Appendix A and filed with a signed copy of these minutes.

DD Scottish Power WCS electricity                                                                 15.00

DD EDF Energy pop up power                                                                        20.00

DD EDF Energy Street lighting                                                                      123.30


14/99                CORRESPONDENCE

                             A parishioner requested LPC give consideration to the idea of a garden city, as submitted.

It was agreed LPC cannot endorse or advice on such an idea.  No further actions.


Concern about a coach service to London possibly impacting on parking in the village were

raised by a resident.  LPC will keep a watching brief on the situation.


                        Cllr. Gillett requested Cllrs. submit any feedback for inclusion in the annual statement for the Annual Parish Assembly, to be held on Thursday 23rd April, 7pm in the Community Centre.  This will be an opportunity to thank all the volunteers who have worked towards the process of producing the Neighbourhood Plan, thus far.



The meeting closed at 9.30pm

LPC Meeting 4th March 2015
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