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  1. A Finance & General Purposes Committee to be appointed to exercise the powers of the Parish Council on any matters that arise between PC Meetings which cannot wait until the next meeting for a decision , in particular to deal with:-
  • Any matter specifically referred to it by the Parish Council
  • To prepare a budget at the appropriate time of the year for approval by the Parish Council and present regular account updates with the agenda prior to meetings.
  • To pay any urgent invoices received between PC meetings
  • The Committee shall normally make recommendations to the full Council. However, this Committee has delegated powers to act in specific cases where the presiding Chairman deems urgent action is required
  • All business conducted by the F & GP Committee must be reported to the next Meeting of the Parish Council.
  1. Cheques to be signed by any two of the nominated signatories
  1. No goods or services may be ordered without the authority of the Council
  1. Quotations, tenders etc. requested for work to be undertaken should be sent to the Clerk
  1. Three quotations to be obtained for any work in excess of £1,000 and quotations must be obtained in writing and confirmation of acceptance of the order made in writing by the Clerk. In the event that three quotes cannot be obtained, then a decision should be taken on those received.
  1. Payments only to be made in respect of official invoices for goods received/services provided
  1. In cases of emergency or in other circumstances where it is deemed expedient the Clerk as Proper Officer of the Council after consultation with the Chairman or Vice Chairman shall have the delegated power to place orders or actually expend up to £200 in pursuance of Council business. Any such expenditure must be reported to the next full Council or F & GP Meeting whichever is the earlier.
  1. A Financial Officer shall be appointed by the full Council
  1. The Parish Council shall appoint a suitably qualified person to undertake an internal audit of the Council’s transactions and procedures on at least an annual basis
  1. Financial information and guidance will be sought from Governance and Accountability for Local Councils


LPC Financial Standing Orders
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