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PRESENT: S MacKenzie (Chairman Presiding), R Greenwood (Chairman Lenham Parish Council), A Walmsley, M Cockett, P Culver, V Woollven, J Hatcher, P McCreery


Declaration of any conflict of interest arising from Agenda: VW notes that the proposed Consultation event will take place within the curtilage of Court Lodge Farm VW also declared a conflict of interest in relation to any initial draft plan feedback regarding land at the rear of Tithe Barn.

The Minutes of previous meeting were accepted and signed off.

G Elphick from PBA also attended the meeting to discuss graphs PBA had prepared as a result of the parking survey carried out, he will finalise the graphs for display at the Consultation event. PM and RG will prepare brief to PBA who will then prepare relevant report. G Elphick confirmed he would be attending on the 6th October to present the Transportation Report.

Consultation Day

VW stated that all necessary equipment for the various displays had been placed in the Tithe Barn ready for the exhibits to be set up by members of LNPG and other attendees on Friday. VW emphasised that all display material should be at the Tithe Barn by Friday.
Meet and Greet . VW explained the set up for meet and greet visitors, the number of visitors being recorded by means of a third person using a “clicker”.

LNP/LNPG Staffing . All members of LNPG confirmed their attendance on the 6th. RG will revert to VW with names and availability times of Parish Councillors who will be attending the event. The rota for the Forum was agreed. It was further agreed these sessions would be recorded, notices to be prepared stating that the sessions were being recorded.

Questionnaire . MC had prepared and circulated a draft Questionnaire for completion by public. PC will finalise the document and print necessary copies.

MC had prepared and circulated draft “Potential Q & A” document to be handed out on day. PM will amend same and SM will edit document ready for printing.

Other attendees – Borough Councillors, developers etc

Tom and Jeanette Samms, Local Borough Councillors
Developers/owners – PM to contact and revert to VW with details of attendees

The owners/developers of the Sandpits were unable to attend but would supply a plan to be displayed with leaflets for distribution.
Lenham Wanderers FC
Lenham Nursery

Jo and Brian LLong on behalf of allotments Friends of St Marys Church
Kent Wild Life
Lenham Meadows Trust

Lenham walks British Legion

Initial Draft Plan Feedback

VW left the meeting

Various comments which had been received were discussed and will be taken into account at the appropriate time.

VW then returned to the meeting


Following discussion concerning how to ensure principles of an adopted plan would be implemented in the future, it was agreed, following MC’s suggestion. that MBC should be asked to appoint a liaison officer.

NEXT MEETING – 7.45pm 23rd October 2018


LNPG Meeting Minutes 2nd October 2018
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