LNPG Meeting Minutes 27th November 2018 LPC General, LPC Meeting Minutes & Reports


PRESENT​​: S Mackenzie (Chairman Presiding), R Greenwood (Chairman LPC), A Walmsley, M Ballard, M Cockett, N Osborne, P Culver, V Woollven, J Hatcher, P McCreery

APOLOGIES: ​​No apologies received
DECLARATION of any conflict of interest arising from the Agenda: ​​VW declared a conflict

of interest in relation to any feedback regarding land to the rear of Tithe Barn.MINUTES​​ ​of the previous meeting​​ were agreed and signed off by RGCOMMUNICATIONS with developers/owners

Further discussions had taken place with the Russells who are trying to organise a meeting of all owners/representatives of allocated land south of the railway to discuss a master plan for the land. Mr A Lawrence is now representing the Russells and the Towers/Eastwood families. Further discussions to follow

The Sandpits – the owners of the Sandpits have requested a further meeting. It was agreed by LNPG meeting that this land would not be included within the allocated sites and any application would have to be made independently.

Inkstand Cattery – PM confirmed that a meeting had taken place with the owners. There are two plots of land being next to each other one being the cattery and the other Inkstand Meadow Farm. At the meeting PM had explained that development of this land would open up the east of Lenham to further development and destroy the vista and as such this land would not be included in the LNP.


The IDG had agreed that they would fund the preparation of a Viability Report to deal with all the allocated sites. This report being required to be presented with LNP. A scope of works is being prepared and will be submitted to Stratton Parker for quotation for preparing the report.

COMMUNICATIONS to and received from MBC

A meeting has been arranged with MBC to discuss the comments made by MBC contained in their letter of the 6th November following the Public Consultation. PM to lead LNPG attendees to include RG, NO and MC.

Following considerable discussions it was agreed that LNPG should proceed with their stance that there is no need for a site to be provided for a new school. LNPG needs to be able to

provide details supporting this. Further work to be carried out prior to the meeting with MBC regarding this.

LNPG also need to discuss with MBC their comments regarding William Pitt Field.

MBC should also be requested to clarify whether the comments received following the Public Consultation should be made public in advance of the Consultation Report which needs to accompany the LNP being prepared.

UPDATE on the Traffic Report

PBA to be asked to consider the comments made by both KCC and MBC following the Public Consultation and report back to LNPG.

COMMENTS ​​received following Consultation
To be carried forward and placed at front of next meeting.

All comments had been circulated and considered by individuals and will be continue to be discussed at LNPG Meetings


RG suggested matters should be dealt with after the plan is made by the introduction of a design forum. It was agreed that this is something to be discussed by LPC further down the line.

NEXT MEETING​​ – 7.45pm 11th DecemberMEETING CLOSED: 1​​0.10pm

LNPG Meeting Minutes 27th November 2018
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