LNPG Meeting 5th December 2017 LPC General, LPC Meeting Minutes & Reports, Neighbourhood Plan 2018


PRESENT: R Greenwood (Chairman Lenham Parish Council), A Walmsley, M Ballard, P Culver, V Woollven, J Hatcher, P McCreery

APOLOGIES: S Mackenzie, M Cockett, N Osborne

In the absence of the Chairman PM took the chair.
PM opened the meeting by welcoming M Ballard as a new member of LNPG.
VW declared an interest under the matter of Mark Boyd
PC declared an interest under education being a Governor of Lenham Primary School

1. The Minutes of the previous meeting were approved and signed off.

2. Follow up on meetings/correspondence with:

  • MBC – PM to arrange a further meeting with MBC
  • Network Rail – PM and NO had attended a meeting with Network Rail concerning bridge improvements and a pedestrian bridge which had identified various issues including safety and cost implications. PM has written to Network Rail to clarify the points raised.
  • Harrietsham PC and MBC – A joint meeting has taken place with MBC regarding the A20. Shellina Prendergast was also in attendance. AW and PM to attend meeting being held specifically concerning how Harrietsham wish to spend S106 payments and crossings on the A20.
  • The Lenham School – A meeting with the Headmaster of The Lenham School and Mr T Ashdown to discuss the increase in Primary School pupils and how this could be dealt with took place on 22nd November.
  • LNPG agreed that one of the options to deal with increased intake to the Primary School would be to consider a land swap. Further discussion regarding education matters to take place at the forthcoming LNPG Workshop.
  • A meeting to discuss matters with the Governors of Lenham Primary School to be arranged.KCC re education provision – It was agreed to arrange meeting with Shellina Prendergast to discuss education issues followed by a meeting with herself and Education Officers.
  • AECOM – LNPG’s brief has been delivered. Aecom to revert to LNPG.
  • Helen Whately – Helen Whately would be kept informed of up-to-date position in writing and then a meeting to be organised with her in the New Year.
  • Mark Boyd – PM had had no contact with the Boyd family following his letter inviting them to a meeting. LPC have consulted KALC on all procedures relating to conflicts of interest and are awaiting a reply.


3. Infrastructure delivery – PM has written to Southern Water. Southern Water issues to be further discussed at forthcoming LNPG Workshop. A further meeting has been arranged with developers/landowners when the matter of sewerage will be discussed.

4. Adoption of MBC Local Plan – This has been adopted.

5. Further comments re Pre-Regulation 14 presentation – LNPG agreed that SM should respond to the letter received from Mr Westcott in due course.

6. AOB

Following discussion it was agreed that Lenham Neighbourhood Plan should consider the need for care and specialist housing for the elderly to be discussed at forthcoming workshop.

Following LPC being consulted on the reserved matters application on the site at Ham Lane, the Parish Council had objected on the grounds that the reserved matters conflicted with the emerging LNP. MBC have now stated that the site has Planning Permission and the reserved matters application is capable of resolving all relevant issues.

7. Next Meeting – 7.45pm on 19th December 2017

Meeting closed – 9.40pm

LNPG Meeting 5th December 2017
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