LNPG Meeting 30th October 2018 LPC General, LPC Meeting Minutes & Reports, Neighbourhood Plan 2018


PRESENT: R. Greenwood (Chairman LPC), A. Walmsley, M. Ballard, M. Cockett, N. Osborne, V Woollven, J. Hatcher, P. McCreery


Mr G Elphick from pba was in attendance to put forward and discuss all the various options in relation to parking within the center of Lenham Village. pba will produce a report on the parking situation within the village to include all the options available. This report will go alongside the Transportation Study within the proposed LNP. Mr Elphick left the meeting at 8.45pm.

In the absence of SM, RG took the chair.
There were no declarations of interest arising from the Agenda. The Minutes of the previous meeting were agreed and signed off.

PM stated that all communications in relation to LNP should be passed through him, with outgoing correspondence being sent to him in draft format prior to despatch. All enquiries, telephone calls or requests for meetings should also be referred to him.

Meetings/correspondence with landowners/developers

Tanyard Farm – A meeting has taken place with Mr Bailey with a further meeting arranged to discuss long term planning.

Land South of the Railway

  • The old goods yard – a meeting has taken place with the Russell’s and their advisor, Mr Lawrence, to discuss policies contained in the Regulation 14 Draft Plan with a further meeting to take place in due course
  • The land owned by the Towers/Eastwoods – PM has received a text from them stating they would shortly respond in full to PM’s correspondence.
  • Lenham Sandpits – They have requested a meeting with LPC/LNPG which PM will organise with AA also attending. It was agreed that this land would not be included within the allocated sites.



    12th November is the closing date for comments following the Consultation. NO will forward the balance of the responses received by him to PM

    A Consultation Report to be prepared which needs to accompany the draft Plan.

Viability Report – This needs to be prepared and submitted with the draft Plan. PM will discuss this with the Infrastructure Group. The next meeting of the Infrastructure Group is due to take place on the 20th November.

Maidstone Borough Council

PM has a meeting organised with MBC for 28th November to discuss the future work programme.


NO raised the question of further costs and expenses, LPC needs this information as the same needs to be included in next year’s budget. PM will prepare programme and budget and submit the same.

Next Meeting – 7.45pm 13th November 2018 at Lenham Community Centre. Meeting Closed – 10.25pm

LNPG Meeting 30th October 2018
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